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Cats no longer friends?

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We have three cats, who we have had together since they were kittens four years ago (two are brothers from the same litter, and the third is a male from a different litter about a week earlier in the same house). We've never had any problems with them getting along before, aside from the occasional play fight. They're all neutered, so the kitty testosterone is not a problem either.

We just took #3 to the groomer to get a trim for the summer (he has really, really long hair), and after he got back the other two have been increasingly aggressive towards him. They've been hissing and growling at each other - nothing like the play fighting and wrestling they used to do. The only reason they haven't fought is that we seperated them as soon as this started. In addition, the two brothers have begun to growl at each other, and have gotten more territorial (though at least they can stand to be in the same room).

We have #3 seperated from the other two right now, and have been switching them into seperate rooms. Last night we had #3 with us in the bedroom, and the brothers were roaming the rest of the apartment. This morning we put the brothers into the room and #3 is in the rest of the apartment, hopefully to try to acclimate the other two to any new scents that came back from the groomer with #3. It's a pretty small apartment, so seperating all three is not really an option.

Does anyone have any further advice for us?
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He has 'vet' smells on him - try rubbing them all with the same towel one after the other to make them smell the same.
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You can also try putting a dab of Vanilla under each of their chins and at base of their tale to make them smell the same.
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