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Carrots and watermelons

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John and I really want to start a garden this year. We have already started catnip in pots and they are starting to grow pretty well. We were at the store the other day and were looking at seeds and picked two different ones to get us started. We picked carrots and watermelons. I have read the backs of the seed packages but I was just curious if anyone has experience growing either of these and might have some tips for us?
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Carrots will need really well cultivated loose soil, and the deeper the better so they can grow long enough. Watermelons need a mound of soil, and plenty of moisture. They will "run" across the ground, so you need room for them to spread out.
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I've grown carrots for years. I actually plant them twice. The fist crop got planted last week and those are for fresh eating-the second I plant around July 4th and those are for winter storage. Carrots seeds are really really tiny so try to plant 2-3 " apart, otherwise when they germinate (takes a long time) you will have to thin out. Watermelon is kinda a push for this area-I know they need lots of water and fertilizer.
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