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What can he take?

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John has really bad allergies, that we haven't found the cause to. He gets like this around this time every year... runny nose, itchy eyes, and an awful cough. At night, he can't breathe, and is constantly coughing. He has to sleep upstairs on the couch for even a tiny amount of relief but is still miserable all night. He wheezes a lot too. He does have asthma in addition to the allergies, which I think is causing the wheezing. He's stubborn... will NOT go to the doctor.
He's been taking dayquil and nyquil for the past week or so, which really doesn't do him a whole lot of good except that the nyquil knocks him out for a few hours. I feel so bad for him, I hate seeing him so sick. I've told him that we need to get an air purifier but he doesn't believe me that it'll work.
He's going to the drug store today to try and get something that might make him feel better. Does anyone know of something he can take? The main symptom he needs to resolve is the chest congestion/coughing.
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Mucinex-D.. always a favorite.

And if you know he gets allergy problems at the same time every year then have him do this:

About a month before he knows his allergies will start bothering him, have him do a daily regimen of Quercetin and Bromelin. You can buy both pills at any GNC/Vitamin World/health food store. One is a natural antihistamine, the other is a natural anti inflammatory... both needed to combat allergies. Keep taking them daily through his standard allergy season.

I use it.. I also give it to my dog... my mom uses it. This is the first year none of us have been dying from our allergies. It's absolutely excellent stuff!
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Oh wait sorry... for chest congestion I believe it's just regular Mucinex. If he also has nasal symptoms, then mucinex-d should handle both.
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I am not an allergy sufferer, but when I worked at a pharmacy..alot of customers swore by Reactine.
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Thanks! I will let him know, and hopefully he can get something and start feeling better soon.
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Advil cold & sinus is the only thing that works for me. I thought nyquil didn't have meds anymore?!
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One thing you have to watch out for especially with allergies is the ingredient pseudoephedrine it works well for cold medicine by itself or with a expectorant. but every time I have taken where it is mixed with a antihistamine as it is in allergy meds I have been very hyper and have gotten no sleep at all. My doctor told me that it affects a lot of people this way. Your best bet would be to ask a pharmacist to recommend something because they would tell you about this interaction.
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Oh God, hyper is the LAST thing he needs... he's already naturally hyper, I don't think I could handle much more. I'll tell him to talk with the pharmacist.
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i take claritin (well, the store brand) and it keeps my allergies in check. if i didn't i'd be miserable all day. i have eye drops for when my eyes get bad. some days my eyes will burn and just start watering. claritin helps with the runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes for me. my allergies aren't just seasonal, i have problems with dust too--so i take claritin year round.
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