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I Am Heartbroken

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Just to let you guys know...

A couple of weeks ago I said that Tab wasn't eating. Well this got worse and worse and we took her to the vets on Tuesday and they said because they could find nothing wrong with her then she would have to have an ultra-sound scan. So yesterday we took her to have it. It turns out that she had several tumors on her liver and she would get worse and worse. So we decided that it would be best if she was pts.
I cried lots but it didn't really hit me until this morning when I woke up she wasn't downstairs meowing for breakfast or rolling on her back wanting her belly tickled. I just broke down and I can't stop crying every time I think about her.
I didn't want to make this long, as I am crying too much and can't stop. Everytime I read something on this part of the forum I always cry, and now it's my turn to tell the sad tale. We're all heartbroken over the loss of Tabitha so we are planning on getting another cat to help ease the pain soon.

R.I.P My Little Baby
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Oh my word i'm so sorry You've made sure that Tabitha had a quality of life by not letting her suffer, and for that she'll thank you when she sees you again

Run quickly over the bridge Tabitha, your new friends are waiting to take you to your new home, but keep looking down on those that loved you so much

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I am very sorry.
Tabitha is now playing at the bridge, waiting for the day to come when you will see each other again.

Rest in peace Tabitha.
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Oh my I am very sorry and sadden to hear about your sweet Tabitha You certainly have some wonderful memories and in time those memories will surely make you smile time

RIP Sweet one, have great new kitty adventures over the Bridge

look down now and then you are loved and missed so
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I am sorry for your loss. Have hope and faith she is healthy, happy, and playing at Rainbow Bridge.
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I am so sorry. I know all you went through & everything you did for you little girl. In the end, you did what was in her best interest.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Tabitha.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Tabitha.
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I'm so sorry for you loss. RIP sweet Tabitha.
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Oh I am so so sorry. How awful it must be for you and your family right now. Tabitha sounds like such a special cat, and its so hard to lose them.

May she Rest in peace and play pain free now

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so sorry to hear about your loss. you know you did the right thing, but you'll feel that emptiness for some time to come, altho it will get easier with time. to you during your time of grief... Tabitha was lovely!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Tabitha You did the right thing for her and now she can rest in peace.

The pain will ease for you as time passes as well
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Oh no. I am so sorry for your loss of Tabitha, but know in your heart that you did the right thing by not letting her suffer. Remember all of the wonderful memories you had with her. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.
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I am so sorry for the loss of Tabitha.
Rest in peace little one.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this.

I think it's wonderful that you will be opening your home and heart to another kitty. Tabitha will always be remembered. Rest peacefully sweet angel.
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thanks everyone for your kind replies. Even though it was 2 days ago I've got over the loss quite well, although there are some times during the day where I sit and think about her and cry.

On a happier note we are thinking of getting a new cat soon, a little 12 month old tortie, or possibly a tabby and white one. we've been to see the tortie, but she only came into the shelter on Wednesday with her kitten, so it'll be a week before she's able to be re-homed.

Thanks again

Laura x
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R.I.P. sweet Tabitha and play happily at the Bridge.

It's wonderful that you'll soon have a new kitty to love. Tabitha will be happy knowing that.
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So sorry to hear of your loss! It isn't easy to go through something like that. We are all here for you! Hang in there.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Tabitha.

May she rest in peace.
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I'm so sorry about Tabitha. It's always hard to hear when they are sick. Sometimes you can feel so totally helpless when they are diagnosed with something. I know how hard it is to wake up and realize that they will neve be there to greet you, but I also know in time your heart will be able to heal.
You were able to put her health and well-being first by making a very difficult decision. She is now painfree and she knows that you loved her very much.
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RIP Tab!!

Please know that allthough it wasnt an easy decision, it was for the better. Shes no longer suffering.

She was a beautiful girl!!
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I'm sorry for your loss. I actually teared up reading your post because I lost a guinea pig a little over a week ago. It reminded me of the good times though.
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