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If you can, please send up a good thought for my brother...

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My brother is an incredibly gifted acoustic guitarist and singer. Since he was laid off from a great corporate job last year, he's been making his living solely as a musician.

But he wrecked his mountain bike about ten days ago and did some serious damage to tendons and ligaments in his left little finger. Tomorrow, he's seeing a hand specialist to find out what he has to do to ensure that the finger will heal well enough not to limit him as a player. Depending on the answer, he may have to forfeit months of gigs he's already booked and try to get back into the corporate world... which might not be easy around here, at this time.

But I believe in the power of our "vibes"... so please, if you're so inclined, send up a good thought for my little brother's left pinky finger!
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Tons of vibes that everything turns out just fine for your brother!!

Please keep us updated!
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Many many many good healing vibes coming ur guys' way

I hope all turns out good

Please keep us updated
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hope his finger gets better soon
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Lots of healing vibes coming.

A musician should never be limited. Does your brother like Al Demiola? I think that is spelled correctly. My old roomate played acoustic quite well, and he used to listen to Al DeMiola all the time. What a fanstastic musician.
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Sending pinky vibes your brothers way!

Just remember, Tom Petty broke his entire hand when he punched a wall one time. He healed. There is hope.
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Sending many, many healing vibes to your brother
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Sending many healing vibes for your brother.

If in the event its bad tell him to go listen to Django Reinhardt. He is "one of the most renowned jazz guitarists of all time." He was severly burned in a fire at the age of 18. His left hand was severly injured. He relearned how to play with 2 fingers. When you hear him play you would never know it.
The quote if from Wikipedia, here is the link.

I will definately send vibes. When life gives you lemons, make lemonaid.
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{{{{{Pinkie vibes}}}}} are on their way!
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for your brother, I hope his finger gets well soon.

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What dumb found luck! Im sorry your brother is having issues with his pinky (which is a very important finger when playing strings) Im sending him immense vibes...I have a good feeling about this, he will be playing in no time
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Oh Carol, many <<vibe>> to the healing of your brothers hand so that he may continue on his music work.
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I will definately send vibes his way - music is such a gift!
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