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Skincare advice

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Hello ladies (men too if they use lotions LOL)

I have combination skin, which means its dry in parts and oily in parts and then normal in parts, and the hardest part is looking for a good moisuriser for my face. I have tried different kinds, but none of them matches up to my favourite, Boots No 7, which I used a lot when I was back home in New Zealand. But now I am in the states, I cannot seem to find it anywhere, so I assume they do not sell it here. My question is, which lotions do you ladies use here, and which do you think is best? I like a light lotion (the one I used was Boots no 7 amazingly light lotion or soemthing like that). I am so tired of breaking out because the lotion I have used is too oily and I need it for the dry parts also.

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I use Lancôme's Vinéfit. It's expensive , but it has an SPF of 15 and is a nice. light mosturizer. I always try to buy it when Lancôme is giving away a bunch of free stuff with the purchase. So yesterday, when I happened to buy, I also got eye shadow, mascara, blush, a brush, lipstick, and a little makeup case for free.
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Thats not a bad deal, how much does it usually go for? I know lancome has good stuff, I will look for it in the mall.

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I think I paid $37.50 yesterday....... I can remember a time when I swore I would never be sucked in by these prices, but I think I bought the last bottle in July. I use it morning and night. I do like the benefit of the sunscreen. In Florida it's too easy to forget that you can get burned without even trying, and my skin is pretty fair.

P.S. My skin is combination too.
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One word - Sandpaper!
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Is that on the power sander you are using for shaving as well?
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Ohhhh....Those be fighting words..hehe...


Kellye, I've had good success with the the Neutrogena line and the Aveeno line (called something 'radiant'). Also, I use Yves Rocher so you might want to check if they sell in your area. Here's their website:

Yves Rocher
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Hi Kellye! I, too, have combo skin. I've tried the Lancome Vinefit, but I don't like the way it feels on my skin once on. (It's a gel, and even though it's oil free, somehow it feels greasy on my skin).

I received as a gift Lancome's "Absolue," which is sold both as a cream and as a lotion. The lotion is really light and it works incredibly well. It truly is the best lotion I've ever used. But I can't afford to purchase it - it's like $65 or $95 a bottle - something rediculous like that (and not a very big bottle, either!)

I've had skin problems in the past, and was prescribed stuff that was made by Galderma. I noticed just a few months ago (although I think it's been sold for a long time) that Galderma also makes a moisturizer (lotion) sold in almost all pharmacies - and I buy mine in the supermarket. It is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic - and it's wonderful. It says it's for dry skin, but it works really well for me. It is REALLY light but works really well (for me). And while I don't remember how much it is, compared to what we've been talking about, it's not a lot. I think it's like $7 or $8 for a big bottle. It is also sold in purse-size squeeze bottles. Given that it doesn't cost a lot to try, I think you should give it a whirl - especially if you used a super light lotion previously.

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I have to be really careful what I use, because I have very sensitive skin. On top of that, I have the CLASSIC combination skin-oily nose and chin, and flaky-dry cheeks. I've been using a Neutrogena lotion with hydroxy acids and sunscreen (can't remember the name now) morning and night. Unlike lotions I used previously, it really helps with the very dry skin while not making the rest oily. And the anti-aging stuff must be working, when I went to the dermatologist to have my moles checked (Dad's had melanoma), she told me I don't have wrinkles yet! The only think I don't like is the scent-I hate scented products and it's taken me a while to tolerate it.
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I have the same problem and I've had really good luck with the Aveeno line. I use the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion all over my body and my skin has never been so smooth & soft. As for the dry flaky spots on my face, I've got the BEST remedie for it! I've done this since I was in Junior High and I'll never stop do it. It's really simple...Get a good foaming cleanser (I use Dove body soap because it moisturizes my skin) and get about a 1/4 cup of sugar. Yes...I said sugar!!! Wet your hands and lather them up really well, then add enough sugar to make a slightly wet paste. Then rub on to your dry patches of skin (I rub it all over my face...but you don't have to) for a few minutes and then wash off. I kid you not, my skin is so unbelievably soft and smooth after I do that! I've shared this little secret with all of my friends and they absolutely love it. I really hope you all give it a try and let me know what you think. It does make your skin a little pink or even red if you rub too hard. I usually do this before I go to bed so then my face isn't red in the morning. You can do this every day if you want, but I only do it once a week, maybe twice a week if my skin is really dry. Hope this helps!
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Originally posted by LDG
Hi Kellye! I, too, have combo skin. I've tried the Lancome Vinefit, but I don't like the way it feels on my skin once on. (It's a gel, and even though it's oil free, somehow it feels greasy on my skin).
It doesn't seem like a gel to me....I thought it was a lotion.....
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About 4 years ago I was taking a medication that made my skin just terrible - dry and flaky around the eyes, mouth and cheeks, but so oily I was over-run with pimples on my nose, chin and forehead. I stopped taking the med but my skin didn't improve until I started Serious Skin Care, which I bought off the shopping channel. I think they sell it on QVC in the states. They have a whole range of products for everything from teenage skin to anti-aging stuff. I like the Copper line because it controls the oil while still giving me lots of moisture for the little lines that are starting to show up now that my age starts with a 3 Depending on how you like your moisturizer to feel, you can get everything from a spray moisturizer that is not much thicker than water to a cream that is nice and goopy if you like that texture. I use the spray in the summer and the cream in the winter, and then a serum when I feel I need even a bit more moisture. It's a bit on the expensive side to buy individual items, but the kits are a good value and the containers last a long time. I only restock about every 6-8 months.
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Similar to what Shell said, I know of a good "cheap" scrub for sensitive skin.

Laurie mentioned earlier about a moisturizer made by Galderma, I think they are the one's who also make the Cetaphil line of face cleansers.

It usually comes in a big white bottle with a blue label. This stuff is really good for sensitive skin. Then once or twice a week you can mix some baking soda, or sugar (as Shell does) and make a paste.

It's cheap, not harsh on the skin, and it works!

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You all have such great input. Even BuNN,As I can use the sandpaper to buff my feet after walking over the old lava rock these years I have a buildup of skin.
Question though, has anyone used the Avon stuff? My face was on fire for at least 2 days..couldnt understand why, and afrad to try again.

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I love the Clean and Clear line that you can buy at the drug store. I've tried the expensive stuff, and all the cheap stuff and this stuff is awesome. I use the cleanser, the moisturizer, and also the spot touch cream for breakouts. It not too expensive, about $5 per item and I get about one month out of each bottle. I also have combo skin, I tend to break out on my forhead and chin, but I get dry on my cheeks and nose. And it works really well for both.
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Kassandra - that's it! The lotion by Galderma is called Cetaphil. I had the bottle out here when I wrote, but I forgot to put that in there.

Deb - the Vinefit I have says on the front "Cool Gel," and it says "Fresh Oil-Free Moisturizer with Natural Grape Extracts." I wonder if there's different types of Vinefit? It makes sense - they usually have different types of stuff within the same line. ????? The one I have is in a weird shaped kind of pea-green bottle.
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