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Trying to rescue a stray

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Have been reading the good advice about rescuing ferals and strays. I live in an apartment complex and there has been the sweetist grey tabby "hanging around" since I have lived here, and according to my upstairs neighbor, for almost a year. She meows so pitifully, and will allow you to pet her, but won't let anyone pick her up. (my neighbor has the scars to prove it) She seems to want in so bad, yet is afraid to come in. My neighbor says someone moved out and just left her !!! That is so cruel. Several of us feed her, so she is not hungry for food, just for a home. Please send good vibes our way, cause we really want to save her.
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So you are several who wants to help her. Excellent! Good vibes sent!

But what is the problem then?

To take her is the easy part. Use preferably a human trap.
Possibly a common carrier may do. Or even a big plastic basket for washed clothes. Try.

This better then trying to catch a afraid cat. (thick clothes, gloves, wrap in the cat in a froth towel.).
Best to use a human trap. No risk of trauma of evil people chasing and catching by sheer force...

The real difficulty is what to do afterwards, after the catch.
Ie the best is if one of you is ready to take her in as homecat. Problem solved.
Or at least as fosterhome to socialize her.

If none of you wants to give her a home,
try to cooperate with some good shelter or such. Also here it is preferably someone of you is ready to has her as a foster home to socialize her in.

The wholly tame cats are always most easy to get adopted. Many cat shelter dont at all work with semiferals or long-abandoned cats. (in US that is. Most swedish cat homes would take her in without hesitation - if they had the place. This is why it is always good to offer a place as foster/emergency home, even if you do cooperate with a good cat shelter).
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You can usually borrow a trap from a vet or a shelter. And if you want to search for shelters/rescue groups in your area, http://www.pets911.com is a great resource.

Whoever takes her - either as a pet or a foster - needs to be prepared to take her in. She should see a vet before she's brought into a home with other animals in it. She very likely has parasites - if not fleas and/or ticks, then internal parasites.

She should be released into a room alone - especially if there are other cats or animals in the home. This will help everyone's transition.

She should have hidey places.

She'll be terrified. But given that she was someone's kitty before, all she needs is time. The main ingredient required here is simply patience - to let her be afraid as long as she needs to be. Once she gets used to her new space, then she can get used to the idea that her new "people" don't want anything from her except for her to have food, water, a clean litter box and toys - and just to be safe. When she gets to that point, she'll be head-bumping somebody!

Loads of good luck! And keep us updated if you can!

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Thank you for your advice. Yes, I am going to take her, we will work on it again today. I believe she is tame, just quite skitish. I have a pug and she used to always run from her but one day last week let the pug sniff her. Have her own room set up and we are ready!!!
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Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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