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Need feral vibes!!

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I've set the traps out tonight, and am about to head back out to camp out near the traps and keep an eye on them. They generally don't come out and start exploring until about 9:30pm, so I could be in for a long night...

Last kitty I caught already had her ear notched (which I discovered AFTER I had her all loaded into the car...), and kitty before that had to be euthanised because it had FIV and was in a bad way

So hopefully we'll get a healthy, not yet spayed/neutered kitty this time!
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Vibes for catching a healthy kitty!!

Let us know how it turns out!
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Sending healthy feral vibes. Your doing a wonderful thing! Im trying to trap the daddy of my foster kittens so I can TNR him but so far hes been able to steer clear of the trap by stealing food from the garbage.
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Trap vibes comming your way!!!!! Good luck gorgeous!!
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Well, we got a kitty with no notched ear.

He's an orange guy and definitely not feral. He was meowing pitifully in the cage, and when we got home, and he didn't freak out or try to strike out at me at all. I also put the handle of a scooper up to the trap, and he hissed at it, but didn't try to strike, or back away or anything.

So I'm pretty sure he's a stray/abandoned/lost. I'll take him in tomorrow morning, see if he's been neutered, and microchipped, then see what they do for kitties that aren't obviously feral.

Anyone know what a shelter would do if they got a "feral" who wasn't feral? Do you think I could ask them to evaluate him for adoption potential?

I'd hate to release him back into the wild if he was a nice kitty...
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