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If anyone in the Central Canada area (Winnipeg, to be exact) is interested, a co-worker of mine is looking to give away two cats. Apparently they're about 3 years old, one is a black, long haired cat, and the other he described as "multicoloured".

I don't know exactly what the story with them is- all he said was that his girlfriend has recently moved from a house into an apartment and is finding two cats in a 700 sq. foot apartment to be too much to handle. Needless to say I voiced my complete disagreement at someone wanting to give away their pets just because they're in a smaller living space, but I've decided that being critical is not the best way to deal with this situation. So, tomorrow I will apologize for being so vocally disapproving, and tonight I will try my best to find a home for these kitties.

If anyone is interested, or knows anyone who might be interested, please please please let me know. I'm a bit afraid that they may decide to put the cats down if they have a hard time finding a new home, so I'd really appreciate if there's anyone out there in the area who can take them.