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Very Dry/Cracking Nipples in Pregnant Cat

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Hi, my pregnant cat (who lived as a stray up until I found her approximately 5 weeks ago) has come a long way since I got her. She was in rough shape, very skinny, but since then hair has grown back where there wasn't any and her coat is shiny compared to how dull it was when she came in.

My question is this: As an owner of "fixed" cats, I rarely have paid attention to the nipples on unspayed female cats let alone pregnant ones. I checked the pregnant cat's nipples and they are still very dry and cracking. They aren't big yet but the color is different from my other female cats'. But I am concerned with how dry they are. And whether this would be normal or if there is anything I should/could do to help? Maybe it is normal...?

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If she will allow you to handle her, try putting some vegetable oil on her nipples a few times a day.
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My recomendsations are you consult a vet before you put ointment on it. Just see what is ebst to do.
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Mushy's were dry too, but after she started nursing, they became soft. I would still take others advice. I think I've heard to rub a small amount of pure cocoa butter on her nipples..
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yup, pure coco butter, or BagBalm. here is the link for BagBlam. they use it on cow udders, so its animal safe.
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Sasha & Missy had very dry nipples also, I believe I posted about it when Sasha was pregnant. The vegetable oil does help... and the dryness went away after the kittens were born and they started nursing. My newest foster girl who is pregnant has dry nipples also.
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These poor cats lol Nothing is private for them. We all inspect their nipples. Can you imagine if people started doing that to us when we were close to our due date? lol It was just a funny mental image...
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That is just plain WRONG Besides, you should be inspecting your OWN nipples if you are pregnant......or at least your husband can do the inspection.
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I called our vet today about Fuchi, as her nipples are pretty dry as well. She said to wash them with baby soap, such as Johnson's and Johnson's, or an equally mild soap, and as was said above - cocoa butter.

I did it today, and it worked perfectly. =)
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haha true lol
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Kallis nipples were like that too, but soon after the first baby came out her mlk really came in and now the nipples are nice and soft too
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