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Are some cats sneezers?

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I have a question for you all. My ~10 month old Siberian girl Canoli is a sneezer. Ever since we got her a couple months ago, she has sneezed. All the time.

Well, I guess not alllll the time.. but she does sneeze every day many times. Sometimes she sneezes in threes, sometimes she sneezes in ones... and sometimes she has what we call sneeze-attacks where it's 10-15 tiny sneezes in a row! (It's actually really cute)

Thing is, she's not sick. No discharge from her eyes or nose, she is always in good spirits, she eats and drinks like a champ. Her sneezes are not goopy, nothing ever comes out! It's like she is just... a sneezer. Like sneezing is a silly habit of hers.

We've come to the agreement that Canoli is just a sneezy little girl.
Any ideas? I'm not worried but should I be?
Do any of you have cats who sneeze?
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Since everything else is fine, I wouldn't worry too much, but ask the vet next time she goes in.
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My orange tabby has done it for a good 3 years, and we haven't had one health problem yet.

I guess some cats are sneezers, because he does it just as you described.. sometimes in 3's, and even up to 10-15.

The only difference is that since hes older, he doesn't sneeze the 10-15 very often anymore, so I guess it just comes with age. We just get a few big snotty boogies every now and then
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Morris does this a lot too. At first I was worried and suspected a URI, but he does it several times a week and has no other symptoms of.. well anything.
I love having a healthy kitty!

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My girlfriends cat does the same thing (minus the 10-15 sneezes). We had brought him to the vet to check it out, but he couldn't determine anything that was causing it. It has been going on 2 years now, he hasn't had any health problems at all.
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Squee is a sneezer too but there's nothing wrong with her.
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Thanks everyone! I am glad to hear that Canoli is not the only one.
I guess we will just enjoy her cute sneezy habit.
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Yeah! My male sometimes sneezes for no reason and he's completely healthy now. I suspect maybe because they were sick at some point in their lives, sneezing will never go away or will only go away with time (though, suspicion isn't actual determination:P ).

If no other health problems show, I wouldn't worry. good luck
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My cat started doing it more than usual. After he had three teeth pulled, the sneezing all but stopped. I think as a human does though, they will sneeze occasionally, even a fit of sneezing. "Stuff" irritates their noses too.
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Pixel's a sneezer. i don't know if it's related to her herpes or not... but they're light, dryish sneezes, usually in the morning. altho i can provoke them by rubbing her cheek quickly & firmly... which she seems to enjoy even tho it makes her sneeze
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Seamus sneezes a lot too. The vet says that they can have allergies like we do, and as long as he's acting normal and doesn't have any discharge, I shouldn't worry.
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Gabriel has sneezing attacks off & on all the time, but isn't sick otherwise. I took him to the vet about 3 years ago to have it checked out b/c I was getting worried, but all the tests came back negative. Apparently, he developed an allergy to something when I moved from up north to the south: he never had any sneezing problems prior to that.

I wouldn't worry, unless he develops more symptoms.

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One of my cats is a sneezer (Jake). But his is because of chronic sinusitus due to having such a peke face (very flat).
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Our kitty, Kojak is a sneezer.

cats can sneeze as a result of allergies, asthma, upper respiratory infections, feline herepes, etc...and NUMBER of things could cause the sneezing -so it's best to have those things that could potentially harm your kitty ruled out by your vet just to be on the safe side once everything is ruled out my guess might be allergies. if so you can try benadryl or anti-allergy tabs with the vets permission.
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Soleil sneezes ever since we got her in February this year. Brought her to the vet several times, but they say nothing is wrong due to no discharge etc. However, Singa then got an eye infection... this was what made the vet alert that Soleil may have brought in a flu - which she could cope with better than Singa. It got me funking of course 3 vet vistis before and apparently nothing is wrong and then suddenly they notice something...
They got treated - Singa's eyes got better, but Soleil only got bette for a short while.
Ever since - Soleil keeps on sneezing and Singa got these weird breathing attacks (sounds a bit like asthma) whenever she wakes up...

taking them to the vet again tomorrow... I think there is something hidden benath the surface...
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Stan is a sneezer too...he has had a very bad URI in the past and the vet said he probably has some sinus damage and as long as there's no discharge, he's OK.

I try to get him to use corn litter because his sneezing seems to be triggered in part by the clay litter dust (dig, dig, sneeze, dig, dig, sneeze)
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Originally Posted by x-ta-Z View Post
Ever since - Soleil keeps on sneezing and Singa got these weird breathing attacks (sounds a bit like asthma) whenever she wakes up...

taking them to the vet again tomorrow... I think there is something hidden benath the surface...
Voila - Soleil got the flu and passed it to Singa who has now a bronchitis and water around her heart!!!
Both are now on antibiotics and steroids The vet says they have some problem with their immune system - probably because they are strays...

It really makes me mad that the other 2 vets never diagnosed Soleil with flu, although she was sneezing - now both cats are sick

wish me luck that it soon gets better!
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