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THANKFULLY My brother insisted on bringing his family up for a cook out, mind you my mom has only been home since Saterday! My SIL doesnt really say much and sort of had attitude and such, so my mom yesterday did show her her stitches to scare her a lil My mom is evil I kno! But its hard with 3 little ones you know, my mom cant handle this, she is SUPPOSED to be resting, and well how could she?!?

But my sil tried to make the cookout and such, and well she needed a pot holder for the grill my mom went outside at that point to make sure that the house was going to be ok Then explaining the cookout (my brother or my mom are usually the cooks and my brother was working on our pool for us) And well I took the kids to the park...which I am NEVER doing that again! It was so hard with 3 little ones, my niece and nephew the 3 and 4 year old listen for nothing! I love them with all my heart, but they are soo BAD!

And well then my niece wanted to go outside, while my SIL didnt want to go sit down in the yard and watch the kids, so my brother who was fixing our pool had to get out, and bring my niece because we dont have a fenced in yard and she kept running into the street and not listening at all! My gram had to go down watch them, and then came up with my lil nephew (the 3 year old) to the house! My SIL still sitting in the house, while like I said my brother brought up my niece and told her to stay he cant watch her, well my SIL got mad and LEFT! ANd she was outside spinning tire and speeded off There was no need for that!

My mom didnt need any of this, I opposed this cook out, because I knew it would be tooo much for her! but NOOO no one listens to me So now my dad had to take my brother and my other nephew(7 year old, good most of the time) home, and also take my grandma home!

But it is soo PEACEFULL here And yet, I still have major school work to do today, since I couldnt do it earlier!