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DT for Saturday

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Ok, it's been awhile since I started one of these......

Well, yesterday turned out to be one of those Murphy's Law days... I had decided to buy on of those Pur water filters for my kitchen faucet. We have one at work, and the coffee tastes great with the filtered water. Since nothing is easy in my life, I of course broke the damn kitchen faucet in the process. I then spent the night under the sink installing a new faucet. For someone who knows zero about home repair, I actually completed this task with little or no swearing.

And my coffee this morning DOES taste great!
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I have always used a Pur filter, I also have a pur filtered pitcher for drinking water, its nice and cold and fresh too! I agree that the coffee does taste a whole lot better!
WHen you mention Murphys law, it reminds me of my granny, she is always saying 'if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong', quite the optimist, i say!
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Getting last-minute things done, today. We're all packed and Bill installed a clothes rod in the truck.

We picked up his big Christmas present, yesterday - a toolbox for the truck. He's trying to get that installed today.

WalMart had this HUGE sale, yesterday, from 6-11 AM. Since the digital camera, that I wanted, was at such a good price, I ventured out at 6 AM. There was not a parking space to be had and I wound up across the street. OK, I can use the exercise. Navigating through the crowd inside was worse than the parking lot. Now, I know how a salmon feels, swimming upstream.

Just as I picked up my camera, the photo clerk, right in front of me, dispatched a customer and noone else was attempting to get to her. I, promptly, whipped out my debit card, took my receipt and got out of that madhouse!

Thank goodness, my shopping is, almost done. I just have to buy a gift for my dad and I may get that in Vegas.

Have a good weekend.
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Oh Cindy...you brave thing! I did the Wal-Mart day-after-Thanksgiving thing once to see if people really ventured out that early. What a madhouse!

This year, I was ticked that I didn't get their sale flyer in my paper. I even bought a second paper, and nothing. Well, I wasn't about to get up at 5 am for unknown sales, so I didn't bother. When I went to Wally World at noon yesterday, wouldn't you know it that one of the items they had on blitz (sorry, a W-M term for that sale... I worked there for 5 years) was a Game Boy Advance...just what I would have been looking for! Of course, the $49 ones were long gone, so I had to pay $69. Oh, I think I did see your jewelry armoire, and thought, "I'll bet that's the one Cindy got."
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Yesterday, I decided to get my hair highlighted It's maybe a golden blonde color. I also got it cut, too. I think it looks great & it makes me feel pretty!
Today, I need to go to the post office & mail my secret santa out.
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We ventured out at just the right times yesterday. I slept in, but got to Best Buy in time for the sales. We got up at 4:00 last year and it was a madhouse. This year we got there about 9:30, all the sale stuff I wanted was still there and the crowds weren't bad. Then we went to the new mall, which also wan't bad at that time. We left the mall about 1:00 and it was getting to be a madhouse. So we left just in time. In the evening we went downtown to the Christkindle Mart (German booths) and I got stuff for my family and a great stine for Earl (he picked it out)

Don't think I'll have much time online today. I have a ton of stuff to do around the house and Earl already wants his computer back. I've only been on for about 15 minutes! Geesh!!
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A couple of years ago, I decided to go to Mervyn's @ 7:00a thinking it would not be that packed --- was I wrong! So, I stayed away from the malls yesterday. The place I got my hair done at (Fantastic Sam's) was pretty much dead. I went there at 1:00 & didn't get out til almost 4:30.

Today, I went to the grocery store & to the Walgreen's to fill a prescription up.
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This morning, Mike woke up early and before he went into the shop he let the horses out of the pasture. I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when I heard this awfully loud "Clomp.......clomp....clomp......!" I went to the door of the new addition and when I opened it, there was my 5 year old Mustang standing there! He had to go up 4 steps, and make his way through the remodeling portion. From the laundry room through the master bathroom to the kitchen door! Thank God he didn't spook and kick a hole in my washing machine or something!

I grabbed a tangerine and enticed him to back up (carefully) then turned him around in the wider part of the room and led him down the steps. Just in time too, as my other horse Trav was getting ready to come up and see me. I guess they wanted to know if our breakfast was more exciting than theirs! LOL
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More smiles! What a great story! Gary's getting a migraine.. gotta run.
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A lovely day today. My step-daugther was round. She's 13 and we went shopping for pressie ideas. We actually bought her a new mobile, she was on pay as you go, but we got her a smart and sassy new contract Nokia with zillions of text messages per month - it's TINY!

I'm going to get her some hair curling tongs - onw which will do ringlets, crimping, waves, straight and all sorts. She's got lovely long thick blonde hair and I'm so glad she's finally thinking about her appearance - she's a pretty girl but not making the most of it yet.

Great pasta dinner, watched Gosford Park, and am now PC-ing with a glass of wine!

Tomorrow is going to be a work-day. I've had a quote request in for a potentially big project (luxury ice-cream - hmmmm), and we will have a representative from a Japanese company visiting us week after next, again, to award a potentially HUGE project. If I get both of these it will really get my business of the ground with a bang.

Fingers crossed . . .
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Almost had a crisis. The girl, who was going to take care of Opie and Rowdy bailed, at the last minute. Fortunately, my next-door neighbor's granddaughter has moved in with her, along with her two big, yellow tabbies. Problem solved.

Crystal loves cats and isn't averse to earning a few easy bucks, near Christmas. I'll see if I can find her something cute, in Vegas. The MGM Grand has T-shirts, printed with a lion and reading, "Here, human, human, human." Those make great gifts for cat lovers, with weird senses of humor. (I have one.)
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