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Yay! Litter box success!!

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I'm just so excited, I had to share. Yesterday I put a small litter box in the kittens pen, I set them each in it and let them play a little if they wanted to. This morning, I looked in the pen to find that two of the kittens (the two oldest) are going in there to use the litter box every time now! They're growing up!
And I offered them a small plate of KMR today and both of the older boys took a few laps of it. One of the youngest girls, Rosie, also tried lapping up some of it which surprised me since she just turned 3 weeks old today.
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In addition to the KMR (you could start adding a bit of canned kitten food in with it to see how they react) - please give them a shallow dish of plain water. I've had 3 week old kittens drink out of mom's water bowl in the cage. That was their first "liquid" they would try.
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Isn't it amazing when the simplest of things just thrills us! I am happy that the kittens are learning to use the litter and to eat. Before long they will be running and climbing and jumping...
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GoldenKitty, thanks for the suggestion, I will put some water in with them and see if they'll drink any. I know what'll happen though, they'll walk right through it and play in it, LOL... that's what they did with the food.

Yesterday when they started lapping up the KMR, I got so excited, I sent John a text message while he was at work and told him that his little Captain Squishy was starting to eat on his own, haha. He was excited too.

And they are already starting to play a LOT, they're sooooo active, especially little Captain Squishy... everytime he sees me or John, he lets out a HUGE kitty meow and leaps at us as best as he can, he looooooves attention. We were at the store the other night and bought a kitty playhouse thing, it's got one hole for a hiding place and then the top part is a little "ledge" for them to lay on. It's small but it's perfect for little kittens and they absolutely love it, as soon as I put it in their pen they went crazy exploring it. I believe we're about due for pictures, I'll work on that today.....
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