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Cat fight

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Hello I'm new to the site and couldn't help but register talking to people who love their cats as much as I do anyway to the problem I am having

My wife and I have lived together for almost 2 years and our cats have lived together the same amount of time they have never adored one another but there is a tolerance they have never fought they have pawed at each other but nothing more...untill this new cat moved in next door he will come by the window a my male cat will hiss and yowl at him but if my female gets up there with him to look he will turn on her I sepperate them and after he calms down I let him out and everything is back to normal they don't hurt each other but it's kind of scary to see them fight any Ideas on why he would turn on her like that is he the alpha and feals it's his duty to fight the other cat is he frustrated that he can't get to the other cat and if you have any ways of keeping the other cat away that would be cool
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Are both of your cats neutered/spayed? Many times a strange outside cat invading your yard will trigger this response.

Try talking to the neighbors about keeping their cat inside or confined to their property. You might try some of the "cat away" spray you can get in petstores to help keep him from coming to your door/screen.
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Well, my cats adore each other, groom each other, sleep next to each other, eat and drink from the bowl at the same time - however, they will play fight and it can "seem" aggressive to us mere humans but to them it is really all fun and games.

With that said, I can understand how even two loving cats could turn on each other if enticed by a foreign and unknown cat. I think talking to your neighbors as suggested above is a good idea.
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they are both fixed
its just frustrating they don't seeem to be hurting one another but still...

thank you do you suggest the spray or the plant?
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I've seen this a lot with our six cats. If they see a strange cat outdoors, they get very agitated, tails switching, and watch it intently until it's out of sight... and then they turn on each other! It's bizarre, but if cats can't get to the object of their distress, they often take their aggressions out on whoever they can get to.

In our case, nobody has ever actually gotten hurt -- it's always just a lot of Halloween-kitty fluffing up and hissing. If your kitties aren't hurting each other, I wouldn't worry too much... but the neighbor ought to be taking better care of his cat than to have it running loose.

I do think it usually happens when unneutered males are roaming outside. We have a stray cat we're taking care of in the back yard now, a neutered female, and all of our cats are perfectly happy with her! They actually sit by the glass door and have long, pleasant conversations with her.
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Oh thanks I appreciate it I havnt seen the other cat for a while
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