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semi-rant: 'my 3 year old needs a cat'

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At the shelter yesterday, a lady returned a cat, rather young, whom she'd adopted recently. She was one of those people who thinks they know everything, but knows nothing (no clue about breeds, etc). Especially about cats. Now, they couldn't have picked a better cat. K. (name abbreviated to protect him) was a sweet, VERY laid-back cat... an absolute loverboy. Since bringing him home, he has peed on everything, scratched the toddler (more on him in a moment), and is fearful. They decided to return him to us. This poor cat peed on the hubby THROUGH the cardboard carrier. He was scared to death of the man.

As we were talking to this couple and their little h*llion of a boy, she told us all of this. She kept having to tell the child to not touch the kitties... and he kept ignoring her. And ignoring us. We have a gorgeous 'cat tree' carved hollow from a tree trunk... this thing is massive... and fragile, as it's held together by strategically placed rope ties. No cats are allowed on it, we wouldn't be able to get them out. But this boy started leaning on it and reaching inside one of the openings above his head. I told him to stop. He was a little wary of me from then on. The mother told us later than he was being very well behaved here 'he always behaves here' ... makes me shudder to think what he's like at home.

Our intake folks observed K. (the cat) once they got him away from the family... he was cowering in the back of his cage, scared to death of anyone coming near him. Something happened in that house. Something bad. We talked to the adoption counselors about the things the people said. And we recommended that they just refund the money, instead of letting them adopt another cat... and to put them on a 'list' if there is one... for banning from adopting cats in the near future. I'm just afraid they'll hit the HS or a local rescue and adopt from them.

I wish there was a list. Some sort of inter-agency communication between shelters, rescues and the HS. Maybe there is one. Personally, I think people should be required to take classes and a test to get a license to adopt/buy pets. But maybe that could happen once we get the overpopulation down.

Mods: if you think this belongs more in IMO, go ahead and move it...

People like this should be... well... I can't say that unless I want this moved to IMO.

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I am glad they brought him back before they did further damage. I agree, it sounds like something bad happened to that kitty when he was with these people.

I hope you guys can get him to trust humans once again.. that poor baby
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I definitely hear what you are saying. I really feel that it isn't that these are bad people, but just that they do not know how to properly care for a living animal. Or they don't realize how little time they have to give the animals the proper attention they need. A kitten is just like a baby, and you can't just leave it unattended with a 3 year old child.

I'd imagine their household to consist of a boy running everywhere, screaming and getting into things. Then a mother likewise screaming at him to behave, only to have the sound escalate louder and louder. That must be terrifying to a kitten, who only wants to hide and a boy who wants to play with his new pet. Not a good combination. |: It makes me sad that people don't really stop to think about how the animal must be feeling.

I'm having much of the same problem as I get Tiger ready to go to my cousin's house. She asked me if I would prepare him to go stay with her because she didn't "have the time" to litter train him and get him "kid friendly". She's got a four year old and a three month old. Honestly, I really don't think she needs a cat right now. Especially a kitten as vocal as Tiger is. His pleas for cuddling and snuggling could be misinterpreted as annoying and he'll end up being ignored. This will only make him louder. Sigh, if only there was a nice way to tell your own family that you don't think now is the right time for them to have an animal.

Sorry, I sort of went off into a rant of my own. :C I hope little K does better in the days to come.
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That is horrid!!! Poor cat i truely hope he is able to settle down a bit and find a good home who will love him and not terrify him! And about a list- we do not have one here- but recently, with what happened with my foster dog Norris- we contacted all of the other shelters, no kill sheltes, and adoption agencies and gave the ladies name, number,info and told them NOT to adopt out anything to this heifer. That may be the beginnings of our local "list". Good luck sweetie- those kitties are lucky to have you and those other volunteers looking after them. I definitely understand what it's like to want to strangle the daylights out of idiotic people who have no clue about animals and are irresponsible.
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Reading this mad me very mad

*I'm speechless*
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It sounds like Lance the beautiful orange kitty who got returned to shelter because he apparently didnt get along with a dog and another cat. It was the children he didnt get along with. The family came to visit him and all the little kids could do were run around with kitty in tow and scream over who gets to hold him *grumbles*

So bl**dy annoying!!!
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Don't you wish that those kind of people came with tattoos on their head that said 'not suitable for pets'?

I sincerely hope that "K" hasn't been permanently traumatized, and that you will be able to socialize him back into the sweet, loving little guy he was before this all happened. I will keep "K" in my prayers that he will return to his lovable self quickly.
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Poor baby
I hope he's not permanently traumatized. Reminds me of my dear brother who returned a kitten (luckily to a foster home that wanted to adopt him in the first place) because he was licking plastic.

Yeah dummy, put away the plastic bags and he'll be fine. This episode was just mystifying to me that they couldn't make an adjustment to keep the little guy.
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That makes me cry and angry at the same time. I'm sure the kid tortured the poor cat at home in ways I don't want to think about! But unfortunately, they will find a "free kitten" ad in the paper and destroy another poor kitty. Wish there was a way to "brand" these types of people!
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Awe that poor kittie I hope that this situation hasnt traumitized him completely, and I agree with u, I do kind of think something MORE happened in that house! I hope he comes around to you all soon

I am just completely speechless! People just make me so
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