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I've never heard of this before and I am actually still waiting on results with Ashie, but this was one thing they told me it could be.

From what I've read, it is contracted (although a cat with clinical symptoms isn't contagious at that point).

I am confused. Ashie is an INDOOR cat and hasn't come into contact with other animals. How could she have gotten this if it turns out to be this?
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I'm not really sure where my kitty got it either - but my kittens all had what seemed to be a URI (kitty cold) and then about 3 months later after being neutered, little Smudge got full-blown FIP. It is a virus that they contract, but there is a specific mutation that makes it attack the system. That's the way I understand it. Unfortunately, fluid in the abdomen can be a sign of the "wet" form of FIP. I'm so sorry.
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So it would've been something that she would've contracted recently??? Funny thing is.....she did have what seemed like Upper Respitory right before all of this started...the wet, slobby sneezes, etc.

OMG. I feel sick.

Or..can it be contracted like YEARS ago and then show its head later on? I've only had her since 99 (I adopted her from the Humane Society).
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I understand it can lie dormant for years. Usually either kittens get it, or pretty elderly cats. It may not be that, but has she been losing weight or any other symptoms?
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yep. bony spine....not as interactive....stopped eating in the last few days.
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Thread Starter called. Not FIP...all bloodwork STILL came back normal, but they did find fluid in her chest. UGH.

I am sick.
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Problems with the heart can cause fluid buildup in the chest. My Precious gets that. Does Ashie cough, or is her breathing labored at times? Precious' fluid buildup is managed with medication.
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She doesn't cough...but I've noticed that her breathing isn't as fast as it used to be. They are still saying that the odds are against us for a "cure" and we aren't looking at any longevity...she still has a lot of fluid in her abdomen and isn't eating....lost muscle mass, etc.

I am totally I've said and I am just in a numb state when I am not bawling my eyes out.

I don't know what to think.

They've said probably something cadio related or a cancer process.

wouldn't any of that show in bloodwork?
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AFAIK, a problem with the heart would not show any abnormalities in the blood work, unless it was a problem secondary to something else. I would expect that cancer elevated white blood cells I think...but I have no experience with cancer.

I'm sorry that you and Ashie are going through a very tough time. I'll be thinking of you both.
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My Samson had similar symptoms. Did they send in fluid from her abdomen for analysis? This is how they determined that Samson had a disseminated cancer, which unfortunately he did not recover from. I'm hoping for better results for you and Ashie.
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I am assuming they do everything onsite since it is Michigan State University...a TEACHING hospital....they are like THE place to go when all else fails at a regular vet's office.

I didn't ask about the fluid....I guess I was just so overwhelmed with everything, but I know before I left this afternoon, they told me they were going to do a test on it to see what cells it consists of. Hm. Maybe I should call them back tonight.

The only things she told me tonight was that all bloodwork came back normal, that they did find fluid in Ash's chest, that it was unlikely FIP, they were looking at either a "cancer process" or something cardio.

This house feels really empty even though I have two small kids and a husband. I keep having this natural instinct to go up and check on Ashley and then I have to snap myself out of that she isn't there.

I've searched online for different things about fluid in the abs and chest and the only things that really come up are FIP (and this is SOOO frequent in my searches ESPECIALLY when searching for both terms together), Pyrothorax (did I spell that right?), and like various cancers (lymphoma, etc). And with the last two things, nothing was mentioned about fluid IN the abdomen, as well as the chest.

But, it certainly could be something secondary, too.

I am completely overwhelmed.

I don't want to keep talking about this in a negative manner, but now I am thinking ahead of what to do with her if she dies. Do I bring her home and bury her in the back yard?? We may not be in the house in the next five years, though. To have her cremated and with a nice wooden urn w/ a place for a picture is about $500 (and that would be most ideal for me). I can't just LEAVE her at a vet office to have them do what they please. I can't do that.

If you do opt for burial. How is that done?? They just send you home with a dead cat and you toss them in a dirt hole?? OMFG. That sounds really really really realllllllyyyy bad to me. How does that work?
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Hopefully they will not find cancer cells in the fluid.

While it's good to have a plan for the worst case scenario, I wouldn't give up hope so soon. Was she an older cat when you adopted her or is she about eight years old?

I buried three of my cats, including Cinder, in the backyard of our home where we lived for 20 years. Truthfully, after we moved the only thing I missed about the place is being able to visit their graves. If you think it might bother you to ever leave someone behind, cremation is probably a good option. The cost you mentioned is pretty high though. If that's a problem and the price of the urn is a large part of it, you can find something else and easily personalize it at a later time. Don't let that add to your stress at the moment.
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Having just gone through this- many localities have pet cemeteries. The vet can usually arrange with the cemetery for a burial there or a cremation and urn that you can keep at home. Prices vary depending on the type of urn you choose. I have Palekana's ashes at home in a small container.

I hope you won't have to deal with this with Ashley immediately. Hope for the best. You know she is in good hands at the university vet center. Hugs and positive thoughts to all of you.
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I hope that the vet is able to diagnose and treat Ashley. Please don't apologize for being upset, etc. I think that all of us here have gone through similar experiences with their cats.. .I think that is one reason why TCS is a great place to share feelings and fears, as well as gain knowledge, etc. I am sending {{{healing vibes}}} for your Ashley.
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Thank you very much. I am really distraught. In fact, I woke up this morning to my 4 mo old fussing and I said, "It's ok, Ashie"...OMG. I was half-out of it being right out of a dead-sleep, but still.

This isn't supposed to happen to a cat like Ashley....she is the quirkiest thing I've seen...and I've only had her since 1999. Not isn't supposed to happen yet.
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I am soooo sorry to hear about Ashley's condition. I don't really have any advice to give, but I just wanted you to know I sympathize w/ you, and am sending good vibes your way. There is no need to apologize for feeling so distraught: we have all been in your shoes ourselves.

My best to you & Ashley

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