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Oh good lord this is an embarassing question

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Ok my little kitten is now 13 weeks old...and what appears to be her "female sex organ" is confusing me. We were told she was a female when we got her.

Does anyone have pictures on how to tell the difference?

To be perfectly honest, she appears to have testicles but I can't tell if that's what it is, her genitals seem lumpy.

I am so embarrassed asking this......we haven't brought her to the vet yet, I know, I know, that's not a good thing but I was really hoping someone on here could help me figure out her (or his god forbid) true sex.


Thanks so much.
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Can you post a picture of her ... uhm ... bum?

I can tell if I can see what you are talking about.
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This is not the best quality because she (or oh god, he) is squirming like crazy, I need my husband to come home and hold her for me...but I'm embarrassed to even suggest this theory to him, especially if it turns out to be wrong...

Can you see by the picture the little lump behind her urination hole (if that's what you call it).

LOL I'm so embarassed...but I really just don't know if those are testicles or not.
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IMO it looks awful "rounded" - at 13 weeks he/she is old enough to be spayed/neutered, so make an appointment with the vet and schedule the alter. Did you get the kitten from a breeder or rescue?

And don't feel too bad - I've mis-sexed a cornish rex. It was the only kitten (so no comparison) and all white too. IMO the kitten looked like a boy when born up till the time for his first shots. The vet asked me if I was SURE I had a boy - cause the kitten he was holding was a female..........talk about being embarrased! But I swear the little girl had "balls".....
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um, that kind of looks like a boy to me... hard to make out the picture really well though. does it matter really? once they are altered its no big deal is it really when it boils down to it? Beautiful cat either way!
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Rounded as in male or female? I'm so confused, every website has pictures but they're so similar, I'm so confused!!!! Did your kitty have what seemed to be, um.... lumpiness behind their...ummm... little hole?

We don't want to spay or neuter just yet because we've moving to a different state in a month and want all of her records at the same vet.

We got her from someone who had taken in a pregnant stray to take care of and ensure the kittens were ok...and this person used to breed I guess.

I've touched it and it's like soft n lumpy.....do females have that ????
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Looks like a little boy to me.
Do you have a current face picture too? And an alternative boy name picked out?
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Oh and we love her/him as if she or he were our own little child so the sex doesn't matter....but her name is Sophie... and I guess I'd just like to know for sure. Poor thing would be mighty confused if we had to change her name. Oh wow.... She's getting sleepy so I'm going to try to take another picture.
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Looks like a boy to me, too but I could be totally wrong. How about the name Simon? Please do let us know when you find the answer!
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Ok, a little better quality for you kitty experts...btw, thanks so much for the replies...this is so embarrassing.

laying on her back :

me TRYING to twist up her tail:

/\\ /\\ are those testicles????????
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Originally Posted by DaniMarie View Post
are those testicles????????
So.... what are you going to call him? He's young enough that he shouldn't have a problem with any name change.
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Well *he* (wow this is going to be hard to adjust to) also answers to Ophie and Ophiekins.

So I guess we'll drop the S.

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Such a cute lil hiney!!!! LOL
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Ophie is an adorable name! Hiya Ophie
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I think Sophie is a 'he' too!

Hmmm...Sophie - Ophie
Sophie - Opie
Sophie - Stewart - Stewie
Sophie - Simon
Sophie - Samson

There's quite a few different ways you could go with this. Either way, s/he shouldn't have much trouble with a name change as long as you're consistant (and positive reinforcement with treats would probably help too!)
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Yep! definately a boy!!
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Thanks so much everyone!!!

Ophie it is!!!

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He's adorable, BTW.
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Your little Ophie is one handsome little guy!
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it's a boy! the girls look like a line right below their bum.
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Originally Posted by DaniMarie View Post

me TRYING to twist up her tail:

/\\ /\\ are those testicles????????
Congratulations - it's a boy!
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We had a boy cat named Bonnie because we were sure he was a girl... Poor boy just didn't have very big bits as it turned out We were quite surprised to get her spayed only for them to tell us he was a boy.
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Congratulations on your new little boy! At least the neutering will be cheaper!

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Reminds me of when I trapped my Felix, who was feral at the time. I assumed he was a pregnant female, as he was so robust looking (had been stealing lots of food in the neighborhood.) He wouldn't let me see while in the trap so I just took him to the vets and said to "fix" whatever needed fixing. A few hours later, the vet tech called and said, "It's a BOY!"

Ophie is a very cute name for an adorable little cat-boy!
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Originally Posted by DaniMarie View Post

/\\ /\\ are those testicles????????

You've got yourself a Simon, Steven or Sam! I bet the other side of him is pretty cute too
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Awww, definitely a boy, but he is so cute!

I think Ophie is a perfect name for him.
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Any chance of some pictures of his other end so I can coo over how cute he is?

I've never had a female cat tbh but both my cats have had VERY obvious boy parts from quite young, Sonic especially so given that his coat is so short so there's no fur hiding anything iykwim
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With the newer pictures you have a BOY (the rounded hole is the penis part - a female will have more of a slit - like an upside down exclamation point). At this age, its easy to change the name to a boy one.....

Think of it this way - its cheaper to neuter, and IMO the boys are more outgoing and friendly
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I have one male and two female cats and I agree with the others what you have there is a little boy.
Is that him on the right in your signature?
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When I was about 8 years old, we got a little orange kitten. I was obsessed with the movie Annie, and we were told the kitten was female, so "her" name became Annie. The vet corrected us, so he became Andy.

When I first found Spot, I hadn't a clue as to whether he was male or female, and he was an adult! I just don't spend much time staring at their nether regions, I guess.
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