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Strange questions (two litter within a week)

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I have two strange questions.
A) I have had two queens recently have their litters, but they are both very smal litters. One had a litter f three and the other had a litter of two (althought the mother is has an extremely small build) is this unusual?

B) The first mother has kittens that are just over a week old. The other mother is her daughter from her last litter. I heard the daughters two kittens crying out and saw a cat run into the box. I didnt think anything of it. Until I looked and saw it was the original mother. Silver (daughter) came in and saw her feeding her kittens and look surprised but just watched. When her mother saw her come in she got up and left the box allowing silver to return to her kittens. They both seemed reashured by each other. Is this normal as I have never seen this behaviour before. (run down= mother who has a week old litter found nursing her daughters (last litter)one day old litter)
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That can happen if the mothers get along well with each other. Usually I would say seperate them as that is what usually is recommended, but they seem alright so i wouldn't worry. If the second mother is the daughter of the other mother from her LAST litter, does that mean the second mother is still a young one? Under a year?

Please keep all these kitties indoors STRICTLY until they can ALL be spayed and neutered.
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Yes, Sukie (Original mother) had her first litter last year this time. This is where Silver came from. We planned on getting them all fixed, didn't even know Silver was pregnant. Got up this morning and went to get uniform from shelf and found Silver with two newborns, scared the heck out of me. Which leads me to my next question, does anyone know the cost of spaying in England.
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everything you have asked is pefectly normal, as long as the daughter didnt seem to mind , if it does become a problem , you may have to seprate them in different rooms, but for now that seems to be ok.

as for small litters a litter of 2 or 3 is fine , avarage size is between 2 and 6 kittens per litter , iv had a litters of 3 , 2s and 4s.

spaying can vary , are you reciving any benfits at the moment?
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I wish i could help you there hopefully someone will come along with the answer to that!

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Trust me when I figure out how to load them you will get some. Willbe so cute to see the two litters together. Only a week and two or so days difference but the older litter look ike monsters compared to the little guys (I know one is a boy as he was blessed:P) My partner will take LOADS of pictures. want to wait until all their eyes are open firt befor start taking pics
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Our rexes (mom and daughter) had their litters about a week apart and shared things. The mother had 4, daughter 2 - but the daughters kittens died cause both mothers rejected them. They shared the remaining 4 kittens and nursed them.

Not unusual at all.
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Thats good then. Should I introduce the daughter to the mothers kittens. Am worried and daughter had produced Alot of milk and it looks painful. and with her having only two kittens i dont think they will drink it all, and am worried that it may become painfu on the poor girl.
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quick question. what is the average time a mother cat should leave new born kittens? Not seen silver with her kittens for a while now and worried. they seem Realy active. i dont think i have seen a day old kittens so active, they are climbing all over the box and worried as this seems unusual to me. help.
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I have two momma cats, the first had her kittens about a week before the second. There are 10 kittens total now, they are 3 & 4 weeks old... both mommas share the entire group of kittens. They wanted it that way from the very beginning, and I finally moved everyone to a large puppy play pen so that they can stay together... they won't have it any other way!
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