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Desperately Seeking a Favor!

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I have a favor that I'd like to ask of the people who are so clever at putting together signature pictures.

A little back ground....
My best friend's retirement party (O.R. specific) and retirement tea (hospital wide) is tomorrow at work. I took up a collection in the OR for a retirement gift. She has her heart set on getting a hot tub, but hasn't decided exactly which one she wants, and it is at two different stores, so I wasn't able to purchase a gift certificate to the store. Instead, I got a money order made out to her. I thought I'd just pick a picture of a hot tub off the internet, and put that into the card with the money order. Another girl that I work with suggested trying to put Ed and Linda's picture onto people in the hot tub (as a joke, whatever...) It sounds like a cute idea, but I have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Unfortunately, I only have one picture of Ed and Linda, and they're dressed in formal wear.....yeah, great!

Is there anyone here that could cobble these pictures together for me before 6 am EDT on Thursday morning? I'm even willing to pay someone to do (if that's allowed.)

I personally would like Linda's face on the girl in the yellow bathing suit.
Or possibly Ed & Linda's faces on the 2nd hot tub picture together.

I'm so sorry about coming to everyone at the last possible minute. Gayla (my friend) came up ith the idea just this morning and got the picture of Ed & Linda to me at lunchtime (after my oral surgery, lol!)

Feel free to manipulate the pictures any way that you need to be able to work with them.

Here's the pic of Ed and Linda. It's the only one I have to work with.

Yellow bathing suit hot tub (I know Linda would KILL to look like this chic!)

2nd hot tub picture

Another hot tub picture, but not as nice

I'm going to go try to figure out if there's any way that I can try to do this, but I'm not very hopeful that I'll be able to figure it out. I've never even attempted this before.

Thanks for any help you can send my way!!!

Pookie (Kelli Jo)
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Thank you SO much for the hot tub pics. I can't believe how real they look! Linda is going to be so blown away by them. I couldn't decide which one to use, so I printed them up, put them in frames and wrapped them up with the hot tub money order.

I can't thank you enough for going out of your way to do this, and doing it so quickly too.... You gals are absolutely wonderful!!!

Thanks again...

Pookie (Kelli Jo)
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I"m curious, can you post the final pics on here. I would be interested to see them.
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Originally Posted by Keisha View Post
I"m curious, can you post the final pics on here. I would be interested to see them.
Sorry,the reason we couldn't post them was because of copyright issues, the hot tub pics were from advertising brochures.
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