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Help Name My New Cat! :)

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Hello everyone! I am new to this site, but already love it. I have recently adopted a one and a half year old lilac point traditional siamese cat. She is so beautiful and unique, and my husband and I can't think of any name that is perfect enough for her! I don't have the privaleges yet to post pictures with my threads, so I put her picture under "The Cat Lounge's" "Fur Pictures and Video's Only!". Her thread is under "Traditional Lilac Point Siamese Needs Name!". We would love to get some suggestions of names for her

Also, if you Google a "traditional lilac point siamese", she pretty much looks like the first picture that comes up. Her body is that creamy siamese color, with a hint of almost grayish purple! She is short haired and very petite, with the darker siamese "points" on her tail and face. She has the most icy blue eyes I have every seen, and the cutest face. She is probably a mix of something else, because she has a few smoke gray spots with white around her nose. She is a doll! I would like her to have a name that is unique or original. We just moved to Florida, so any type of tropical or spanish name would be neat! I have even been looking at maps at different islands around here to see if there are any that would make a wonderful name for her. I hope everyone checks out this thread! I would love to hear your suggestions! Thank you everyone
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How about Lily, Jasmine or Ling?
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Umeko is Japanise for Plum blossom child

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Irish
Pronounced: LEE-din [key]
Means "grey lady" in Irish Gaelic. In Irish legend she was a poetess who became a nun, but then missed her lover Cuirithir so much that she died of grief.
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or Bonita ( means beautiful in english )
are my humble suggestions!..
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