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I know we have all tackled this one before...

Chloe had 'inflammation' and peed on the carpet. She went to the vet, things cleared up and she is fine now. She uses the box 100% now.

The issue is- my other cat Rusty has peed in her old spots. I immediatley cleaned the areas with Natures Miracle and Chloe ignores the area entirely now. However, Rusty still thinks it's ok to pee. He is totally healthy- no issues at all. Once and a while he 'revisits" her old spots.

I put plastic bags on the area to saturate natures miracle and prevent them from walking on it (declawed kitties-not by me though). So he has peed on top of the plastic!

Are they any other products that work better?

I have Feliway
I have citrus candles
The boxes are totally clean
They have a water foundation and drink plenty of water
I don't feed them wet food

Any ideas? thank you!
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I recently (at the Pet Show) got a bottle of Nok Out which is supposed to be excellent. I haven't had to use it on pee but it seems to work fine for other odours and it came highly recommended. They have a website - check it out.
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Anything citrus like carpet powder to put there. You might also try tinfoil as a covor insted of plastic. Vodka might help the scent too.
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Vodka? wow! You guys rock!

I will put tin foil down tonight. Awesome idea!
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Originally Posted by himmielove View Post
Vodka? wow! You guys rock!

I will put tin foil down tonight. Awesome idea!
Yeah, I second the tin foil idea. Cats find plastic very attractive.
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There was never a stain because I treated it so quickly, but I can smell the faint pee smell. That is why he wants to revisit.
How much vodka? Sprinkle?
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I've never used vodka on carpet before (only tile) but here's what I'd do... put enough down to saturate the carpet. Let it sit for a few minutes then blot out the excess and cover with foil till dry.
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I've seen Hissy laud the praises of Zero Odor.

I haven't used it, but it's supposed to be very good.
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Quick Update!

Last night I came home and threw away the plastic and laid down foil. They were staring at me the whole time.

I woke up this morning and noticed they didn't even walk on it! No tin foil kitty paws! 3 peepee's in the box. Nice! Yet, I don't want to live in a home with tin foil all on the floor and my in law is coming in 2 weeks.
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