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kitty prozac

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We have a 3 year old Russian Blue female. She has always had a bit of an attitude...stand-off-ish, and only wanting attention on her terms. I know a lot of cats can be that way. After thinking long and hard about it, we decided to bring home a new kitten, knowing Lexy might not be too receptive to the idea. We really under-estimated her reaction. She is SO mad and SO stressed out that she's even attacking us. I'm still keeping the kitties apart, they haven't been together yet...only sounds and scents. I'm afraid Lexy may even try to kill him. I couldn't stand seeing her so upset so I took her to the vet today and he started her on some MEGESTROL to help with her anxiety. Has anyone here used this before, and if so, did it help?
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Sandie can correct me if I am wrong, but my girlfriend who has breast cancer, she takes megestrol.
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Yeah, it would be unusual for a cat with anxiety to go on something like Megestrol. There are the all natural remedys like Dr. Bachs rescue remedy, or paticular flower essence's.
If you are going the prescription route, it would be along the line of prozac and similar drugs
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The vet said it was for her 'anxiety'. He didn't mention there would be any side effects that I should worry about. It's only for short term use in Lexy's case. I did read that it was used for certain cancers and hormonal balance in people, but couldn't find any incidence of use in pets. That's why I had asked if anyone else had heard of using it.
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If it were me, I wouldn't use it. I would go to Bach's Remedy first.
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Where could I find that at? We don't have any health food stores for miles around. Perhaps a drug store such as Walgreens or a Walmart?
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Hi Simmer

If you follow this link, you will find websites that offer these remedys online. I do not want to detract from what a vet knows, as I am not a vet, this just doesn't sound right to me. Is it possible the vet thinks something else might be wrong with your female?

I had a kitty that was prescribed a lot of medication for her anxiety and ultimately lost her because of the over-prescribing. Because of that, I am really cautious about what a vet gives me anymore and I do a lot of research now before putting anything in my cats unless it is run of the mill medication like clavamox or drontal. If I were you, I would call your vet and ask him if he is sure, without making him irritated that you asked.

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Hmmm I have a kitty with anxiety and depression problems, had them since I got him at 4 months (he's now 3 years come Dec!!). We've tried him on different medications. One beginning with A... please forgive me but I can't remember the name of it, as we do not med him anymore.

I'm sorry the whole kitten thing didn't work out, a lot of people think "we'll get another kitten to keep it company' that isn't always the best idea. Mostly for much older cats being introduced to a very young kitten.

My Asim doesn't take well to kittens at all, he thinks they are a pain and they invade his territory, he takes to adults quicker and with less grumpiness.
Though I have noticed that often, as the kitten gets older, the adult cats will come to accept it more.

Always study up on any medication you give your cat BEFORE you give it to them, just like you would yourself.

Without regaurd to medication, I think you need to work on trying to build a relationship between your two kitties. Don't force them into anything, but they do need to work something out. Did you just plop the kitten on the floor in front of your cat, or did you do a nice slow introduction?
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