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Prissy's passing

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I haven't logged on in awhile as things haven't been too great. Several of you asked about my kitty, Prissy. My grandmother (Mimi) past away unexpectedly late February and she left her 11-year old cat, Prissy to me. I took her in with open arms but she was never the same with me as she was with Mimi. They were best of friends and anyone who knew my grandmother, knew little Prissy.

Prissy became very sick due to her severe depression. She was diagnosed with severe liver damage in the result of her anorexia. She had lost half of her body weight within six weeks. After many, many trips to the vet, injecting an IV into her three times a day and administering a feeding tube for four days, Prissy passed away Mother's Day weekend. I know she is in a better place now but I was trying so hard to hold onto what was left of my grandmother. I guess her passing proves that there is LIFE after death. I prayed to Mimi the night before that if she needed Prissy with her, that I would understand (with time, of course)

I am certain those of you with animals can imagine the cost of Prissy's care. I only had her in my life for seven short weeks which felt like a lifetime to me.

Thanks to all of you for lending not only your ears, but your hearts too.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother as well as Prissy.
Prissy is now back with her best friend and I'm sure they're both watching over you.

Rest in Peace Grandma and Prissy.
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RIP sweet Prissy. Time to keep Mimi company again. Sometimes the seperation is just too much to bear that when on passes on the other must follow. I'm sure they are both very happy to be together again.

My condolences to you for them both.
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