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I have been so blessed at this job.

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Ever since I got this job, good things have been happening. We were literally days away from being homeless when I was hired, but my landlord gave us time to catch up since I had a regular job that paid a regular paycheck. I have gotten regular raises, and have gotten to keep my job when so many others have been fired due to cutbacks and restructuring. They have raffles all the time and I have won several small prizes. Last night was really good, though. I won a 42 inch HD tv, and have a chance to win a trip to NY to the Sopranos wrap up party. I hate to sound like I am bragging, but things have picked up for me so much, and I wanted to share my good news.
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That's great news! Glad things are looking up for you!
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That's wonderful!
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Wow, that's great news! I don't see you as bragging, I see you as sharing the news!!! I'm glad everythings going well for you, Keep up the good work!
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That's great, congratulations! That's really exciting about winning the tv!
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Thats so great! I'm glad things are turning around for you!!
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Thats great, it is nice to hear some good news
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That's wonderful.
I'm so glad things are going so well for you.
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Its good to read good things are happening in your life. Congrats on the TV and good luck on the trip-that would be fun!!
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That's great! It sounds like you've found a place where they really appreciate you. Congratulations!
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Aw congratulations. It must be such a great feeling to have your life turn around like that (and you don't sound like you're bragging one bit). What kind of work are you doing?
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That's wonderful news! It's so nice to hear things are working out for you. I think after we go through difficult times it makes us appreciate things so much more when things finally go well for us.
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Thats wonderfull congrats!
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I work in Direct Sales for Directv. I have been there since last October, and have seen an amazing number of people come and go. People say "it's so boring." If it was that much fun, they wouldn't call it work, or have to pay people to do it! I just don't find it that boring. You couldn't beat me hard enough to quit that job, especially the way the job market around here has been.
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Congrats on your good luck! Hey, if the job gave you that kind of luck, send me an application . Seriously, I am so happy for you. Sounds like things are really turning around for you.
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You really have deserved a run of good luck - I am happy for you!
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