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I am feeling revoltingly ill......

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Yes. Another thread about Ashie...and I am sooo soooo distraught right now that I don't know how to act, feel, etc...I am just in a state of desperation.

Since putting Ash on Cosequin (you can go back and see some other threads of this "staying upstairs" saga), she seemed to perk up and came down more often....I thought that was the trick. But now.....this cat still will come down to get water or whatever, but she isn't eating (not even the canned to get her meds and she has NEVER turned down canned food before..no matter what!). She just kind of sits there/lays there and is less interactive. Angel was like this towards the end so you can totally see why I am in despair right now.

I've noticed, too, that Ashie wants to stay right under this end-table upstairs (that hiding thing), but will rub against my hand if I offer it to her and will start to purr.

Last night, my husband had gone up and told me it sounds as though she is getting Upper Respitory again. She JUST had something like this RIGHT before all of this started (the wet sneezing, etc). She doesn't have QUITE that yet, but she sounds like she is getting stuffy. I went up this morning and she was AGAIN under that table. I came back down in near hysterics trying to get her back into my vet with no luck (He is out of the office today) and I am planning on taking her to Michigan State Univ. Small Animal Clinic this afternoon.

ANYWAY...I went back up a few hours ago and she was actually on the bed. THat made me happier, but she still is acting the same. Then I thought maybe she was under the table because of the heat. It is a re-done attic with no ventilation except windows so it gets really warm up there....and our central air doesn't make it up that far.

I thought maybe she isn't eating now because of the possible URI, but I still don't know if that is something she is getting.

I am walking around here trying to maintain composure because I have a VERY senstive 2.5 year old and a 4 month old, but at the same time I am having a difficult time trying to hide my feelings.

Part of me has a REALLY REALLY bad feeling about all of this, but I am hoping that it is something simple like a tapeworm or something that can easily be treated and snap her out of it.

She did, though, a few nights ago jump on our bed and crawl on my shoulders to be close...which was something she had always done before...but still...then this so quickly after.

I am sick. I mean, I can LITERALLY feel this area of my stomach that has a sinking pit in it....and it really does hurt.

How do I deal with this when I have to try and maintain composure for my kids?? Just pretend like nothing is wrong?? Pretend I feel nothing???? I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am glad she is going to the dr...

Dumb question have they done COMPLETE blood work ??
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Yes....complete, from what I've been told (I asked after being here)....and MSU is state of the art so I am SURE to know today what is up.
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I hope they can find out what's wrong with Ashie. It's horrible to not know what to do. Poor baby. Hope both you and your kitty feel better.
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I hope the vets at the university clinic can find out what is wrong with Ashie. Positive thoughts and hugs to both of you.
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I'm sorry. I admit i have not gone through your other posts but i hope you can find out what is wrong very soon.

I can relate to the children part, it definitely makes for a complicated situation when you have children to care for and an ill pet. i have had to face that myself quite a few times over the years unfortunately.
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