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Penny Update: Day 5, back to work for Meowmy

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Just a note for those who may have missed them: I have posted daily threads about Penny's introduction to Ginger and Ferris in The Cat Lounge and Fur Pics over the last few days, so if you missed them because they got bumped down the page, just do a search on "Penny" and get caught up!

Today's update: First of all, it's back to work for me - boo!

Last evening found all three kits getting fed in the kitchen together for the first time, and they each ate in peace, all within about 5 feet of each other.

Ferris and Ginger did their usual: ate half their wet, then took a break. Penny, on the other hand, scarfed down her wet food, then casually sauntered over to Ginger's dish, where she proceeded to start scarfing down Ginger's dinner, too!

Penny DOES understand English, it appears, so she wasn't allowed to keep her face in Ginger's dish. Because she was told no, she decided to then check out - and start to eat Ferris' leftovers!

Again, Penny was redirected, and the latest play session was begun. Penny and Ferris played with a wand toy - not exactly together, but at the same time. There was no growling or hissing, and Ferris got in close enough to get a good sniff of Penny's back.

(Because I'd spent time, on purpose, patting Ferris, then patting Penny, then patting Ferris again, then Penny, then Ginger, then Penny, then Ginger, etc., etc., I think the "house" smell has been established. That effort, along with the vanilla doses on the back of everyone's necks, has definitely made a difference in how fast they are learning to accept the newcomer, and she the senior resident cats.)

Ginger sat and watched until the catnip came out, then the three played a little game of Penny hides and then Ginger and Ferris have to find her.

Later, Penny made herself comfy in the cozy cat "cave" up on top of the fridge, and it looks like that was where she decided to spend the night.

When I came out of my room this morning (after I got my morning kisses from Ginger) Penny was in the cave on top of the fridge, and rolled and purred when I gave her morning greeting scritches.

When I got out of the shower, I was quite please to find all three kits hanging out in my office having a conference. They were all within two feet of each other, and no one was defensive - they were looking quite comfy with each other.

Now I'm at work wishing I had "kitty cam" to see what goes on now that no one will be home all day, but I am feeling very confident that we are past the worst of the intro process and that from here on out, they will all get to be fast friends.

Of course...there is always the possibility that today is the day they all take revenge on me...
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It sounds like things are going great so far That was such a quick improvement They will all be best buds in no time

And well they probably are plotting revenge on u but its getting them to be friends

They would never hurt their meowmy though, remember u bring home the food
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I'm so glad that they are starting to accept each other.

I bet they will be all over you when you get home this evening, hehe
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I admit my intros had to happen a little faster than is recommended - ideally, they should be kept separate for a week at first, but my place is too small to have that be feasible.

So perhaps there might have been less growling had we taken more time with it, but the goal was for me to go to work today with the kits fully integrated - and thanks to all the wonderful advice and educational information available here on TCS, I was able to speed through the steps without any problems.

A LOT of credit also goes to Penny for being such an easy going little girl, and to my special babygirl Ginger for making her Meowmy SO proud of her fast acceptance of the new kid (all those conversations over the last month seem to have helped out - Penny wasn't a total surprise for her.)

Ferris made me laugh at how territorial he was for a day or so, but those flower essences have once again brought out the love-bug in him, and he has been VERY loving with me the last two days. And he is now seeking out Penny instead of stalking her - I expect them to become great pals.

OMG - I miss them and I wish I was home with them right now!!! Only 5 1/2 hours to go...
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It sounds like things are going great! Before you know it, they'll be all snuggled up with eachother
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this is wonderful! I hope you don't find too much redecorating when you get home
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WHEW! I just caught up on the "Penny Capades" .... It's so funny Betsy, I'd swear sometimes we have such similar situations.... I had the same thing with Louie... he was spazzing out over the new baby... And was very aggressive & mean & stalked him all the time. I had never seen him act that way.... And LuckyGirl, she just didn't want to be bothered much.... And even now, LuckyGirl doesn't put Leo through what she put Louie through.... She's pleasant with the baby, she might bop him occasionally in play, but it's never mean.... And Lou is good now too, but at 1st.... Louie was rough with him, Luck was never mean to Lou when he was a kitten, she would karate chop him in the head, but never with claws.... Louie would bite the kitten till he cried.... Reminded me of MY older brother.....

I even took a wet wash cloth & wiped the baby down clean.....ears, paws, hiney & all.... then rubbed him with their cat matts, so he'd smell like the bigger cats....

With Louie being sick, LuckyGirl & Leo have finally bonded.... Leo is relentless though, he doesn't give her a minutes peace.

I think you are doing it all right Betsy... I am not shocked that Ferris is behaving this way... I think he has the more dominant role in your home, not Ginger... (this is what happened at my house too....) And he sees Penny as a threat to his belongings (you & Ginger)... He will adjust when he realizes Penny is a great playmate... just give it time, and Lord knows you have patience.... you waited forever to show Ferris your love.... it will happen, I am SO happy for you....

PS... Now we both have 3?!
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Well if Bengals are anything like Oci's then I'm not surprised. Charlie's a smart cookie..........but when it comes to food or jumping on the table when I'm working he really goes brain dead at NO. Then gives you an "innocent" look
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I'm discovering just how INCREDIBLY smart Penny is. I thought my others were pretty bright, but she is so QUICK, and I don't mean physically! Just in playing it is really apparent that she's the brainchild of the three, LOL.

Lunchtime update: I went home to check on the furchildren to make sure they haven't completely redecorated.

When I first walked in the door, Ferris TOOK OFF, like he was doing something wrong. As it turns out, he was innocent of any wrongdoing, but acted guilty. Maybe I just haven't found out yet what he did.

Ginger was all sleepy-eyed, and came out to say hello, and was happy to find that Meowmy had brought them presents: Cat grass and fresh catnip in pots.

Penny came BOUNDING out to see me, and came right up to me for a greeting, checked out what I brought. Then she watched me clean out and refill the kitchen water fountain.

As it turns out, scarfing her food down so quickly last night, followed by a Ginger and Ferris food tasting chaser was a no-so-good idea for Penny. At some point overnight last night, she decided to her undigested Sheba down the side of the fridge directly onto and INto the water fountain. That was fun to clean up - I apologized to the cats for missing it this morning. It's a good thing they have a second fountain now!

On my way out, Penny announced that she wanted to play, but I could only spare a few minutes. Then she threw herself down in front of me demanding a belly rub - well, I certainly couldn't refuse!

When I was walking out of the house, she was in the process of jumping and bounding around like the little monkey that she is - I think she's considering herself settled in. Tonight's play session should be lots more fun for everyone.
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I'm glad things are going so well!
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I've not been about for the last week, so I am just catching up with all your wonderful news & stories about the arrival of Penny It sounds like you are all having a great fun time.
I have really enjoyed reading the threads and seeing the photos She is a treasure and things certainly seem to be going in the right direction for you all thanks for keeping us all updated !!

p.s give all your babies some tummy rubs from us
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Sounds like Penny was meant to be your cat! I am so glad everyone is settling in so well.
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I've enjoyed reading all the posts about Penny's new home adventure! I'm glad she's settling in nicely.
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Awww, Penny already loves you! That's wonderful!
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