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Help with breed and colour of this stray, please.

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This sweet girl was found as a stray and I am looking for a home for her. She is around 6-8 years old. She looks like a Burmese but do you think she is full or perhaps 1/2? Also, what is the proper name for her colouring?


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Definitely a Burmese or Tonkinese, but of the less extreme, more traditional type. Good eye. I think it would be difficult to have a half-Burmese or Tonkinese in the sepia/solid body color because of the genetics, from what I understand. She is probably purebred. (Of course, then there's Tobie, so anything is possible.)

She's gorgeous! I hope you find her home soon... she looks like she was well-taken care of in the recent past.
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Looks like a blue burmese IMO - probably pet quality.
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The color is blue but imo I do not think it looks like a burmese. Burmese are round cats with tight silky coats. He does not look round to me and in the bottom pic his coat looks to plush. But that is only my opinion.
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Looks like a grey DSH
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That's definitely not your average blue coat... see how the body is a more brown color than the face and tips of the legs? That means the cat has the Burmese/sepia gene.

She is definitely bigger and lankier than Burmese here, but in Australia, I know the breed standards are a bit different... the cats are supposed to be larger and less compact with a more slender/less extreme face.
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He's more of the Europeon type of Burmese. I got to see some of the Europeon Burmese now accepted in CFA at this past show. Personally I like them a lot better then the "American" Burmese (sables) that you see - they are more moderate in type/head.

I can tell its either a pet Burmese or darn close to it, but its probably not a mixed breed
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With out papers to prove what it is it's called a DSH
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Technically yes, but its darn close to a Burmese.....

However, with or without papers, if I saw a stray cornish rex running around and it looked like a pedigree cat, I'd know it WAS purebred even if no papers
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So a DSH but probably a pet quality Burmese with blue colouring with sepia? LOL
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Well, people who breed cats would call him a blue Burmese. That's his official name... but yes, not papered, and only pet quality.

The "sepia" was just a reference to what some call that kind of coloring. It's like a really dark pointed gene all over the body... it doesn't cause lighter areas, just the areas that would be "points" are of a different, less brown color. It's still a gene affected by temperature.
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