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Need Advice

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I am looking to buy a cat training product(s) and I would like your opinion on the following cat training products below.


Cat Training Products:

Dr. Chris, DVM
Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems

Paula Robb
Complete Cat Training
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What are you trying to train your cat to do?
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There are lots of good resources re training and behaviour on the internet (including this forum!) and available in book stores. No need to go spending money on downloads that you don't get to look at before you buy. I wouldn't waste your money.

I'm also not keen on the 2nd link

How would you like to impress others by training your cat to perform virtually ANY command you can think of?
While some cats enjoy the mental stimulation involved in learning to perform tricks and it can be fun to do, I don't think wanting to impress friends is a good motivation for trying to train a cat.
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I don't like the second link, but actually a breeder on one of my email lists said she bought the one in the first link and it was VERY helpful. She said she fixed her cat's spraying problem in a very short amount of time.
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If you really NEED a training book, get the first one. IMO there are tons of helpful info in this site to solve/resolve most cat problems just based on other's experience/hints
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