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Its so smokey!!

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I am dying here! My eyes are burning from the smoke. We are getting smoke from the georgia and florida fires. Its awful outside. They had the door propped open and now its smokey in here too. I hope those fires get put out very soon. I don't know how much longer I can take the smoke!
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Good luck. I hope the fires stop soon, too. They aren't good for anyone. I sending good breathing vibes right to your nose.
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Yuck, thats horrible! I'd get a fan to get some of that out of there!
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My dad was a forestfireman and the smell of the smoke on him when he came back was incredable. I can only imagine, you may want to get some eye drops just to keep your eyes from getting too iritated. I hope the fires get extinguished before they cause too much damage.
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It's that way here, today, too. We had a red air quality alert (unhealthy for everybody) for a while today because of the smoke!
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The smoke is bad here as well. My allergies are all messed up. As well as the hubby's and kids. My middle and youngest son's eyes were all goppy this morning when they got up. Unfortunately unless we get some good strong lasting rains this willnot end anytime soon. Here is a site we look at to keep an eye on the fires:

Here is a map of the closest one to us:

We are on the other side of where it says Brantley.

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