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My Family - VENT

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My mother just called. She wants me to come over tonight and pick up some prescriptions for her. I asked her why she couldn't get my father to get them before he went to work this afternoon (they only have one car). She said he's complaining about using too much gas. So I have to go out of my way and use my gas instead! It takes about an hour for me to get from work to her house. She won't ask my brother or my sister who work in the next town. My brother will do it only if she babysits for him. My sister is in the middle of family drama (she's been caught telling lies about another brother) and my mother doesn't want to hear it. I feel like I'm only good for a ride for her.
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try to look on the bright side, maybe she just wants to see you. My grandmother will make up some errands she has to run just to spend some time with me or my brother when she hasn't seen us in a couple weeks. It makes her happy and makes me appreciate that I still have her and in the end makes me happy.
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She might just miss you and want to see you. My MIL pulls that stuff to see her son.
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Do all that you can now while you still have her. Someday you'll be glad that you did.
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I agree with all of the other posts! Even though it's upsetting you now... someday she won't be there.
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you could always remind her of the distance, and tell her since your using YOUR gas, maybe she could chip in??

I know what you mean tho, cause my grama expects me to come see her EVERY weekend, and thats a 3 hour round trip just to see her for the afternoon!
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