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no room..but I took them to foster!!

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This goes back to the post of "NO Room anywhere"
I just could not live with myself..knowing these kittens were in such a bad way. I took them in and have them in my sunroom. (quarentined from my other cats)
I cleaned them up and they are not as bad as I thought. I started them on eye drops. They are eating good and I am giving them vitamins.
they are so loveable....I hope I find good homes for them soon!
Anyone in Ohio..near Cleveland???
My family thinks i am nuts and now I have a new nickname...Catlady!!
I can't help it...i hate it when animals suffer.
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I can't blame you for taking those babies in. Bless you for doing it.
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I have been called the old cat lady by my family for years! Thank you for opening your heart and your home to the kittens!
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I get called the cat lady or catwoman all the time too. By family and friends and even acquaintences. Who cares!
The important thing is to help as many animals as we can. If all of us do a little bit, we can make a big difference.
I even turned my ex (who was formerly ambivalent about cats) into a certified cat man! (or cat laddie as I like to call him!) He's rescued a feral who is now a gorgeous, pampered cuddle bug, and a stray as well as taking in a rescue I had named Sparkle who had territorial/ peeing out of the box problems. He's also helped finance my many cat rescues. He's a good man!
Huzzah for the cat ladies & laddies of the world!!

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I just traded the kittens for 3 -3 week old kittens....the other 4 are going to get fixed and microchipped...then put up for adoption. Geauga Rescue has them and I think that place does a great job. They treat the animals very good. i will keep these babies until 8 weeks and trade them for more little ones
My husband said he is ready to commit me!!!!
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