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Nakita goes to the hospital tomorrow!

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She's getting spayed tomorrow, wish us luck!

I'm a nervous mother - what can I say?

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Aww, loving thoughts going your way for Nakita. I am sure she will be okay. Give her a lot of love before you take her in and kiss her.
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Good thoughts going up for Nakita!
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Best wishes comin' your way!!! She'll be fine - just focus on how happy she'll be when she comes back home! ...But you're nervous because you're such a good kitty mommy!
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Good luck, and cyber snuggles to Nakita! She'll be just fine. Don't worry Mommy!
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Thanks guys...but I'm still nervous...and I hate hospitals...

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Yeah - we all hate hospitals. And our poor kitties, I'm sure, hate them more than we do.

Sending whatever reassurance you can take with you!!!

...and, of course, more hugs.

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Oh! Today kind of blurred into yesterday! How are you, Kassandra? Not back yet? Going this afternoon? How's Nakita?
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I bet your cats' not going to look at you for a while after her snip, eh Kass? Aw poor thing will be a bit tender afterwards, but she'll be fine
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My cyber baby is going to hospital????????

Waaaaaa give her hugs and kisses and lot's and lot's of Ice-Cream!!!!

I know she will be getting into that baking soda again in no time at all LOL!! :tounge2:

Lot's of love and healing kisses going your way!
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Poor baby! I hope she feels well soon!
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Well, it's been postponed! The doctor couldn't make it in today so it will happen on Tuesday.

Instead, we had her get her shots. She was totally fine at first rubbing up to people. Then when they brought the little viles out with the needles she freaked! She jumped under my partner's coat crawled all away around the back then up and into the sleeve of his jacket (with his arm in there by the way!). She would not come out, and even when my partner took off his jacket and layed in on the examination table she just hung onto it with all her might!

We finally got her out and gave her the shots! But she was not one happy camper!

With this reaction today, can't wait till Tuesday (not!)

I better get the treats ready...
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I am sure she will be fine. My thoughts will be with you.

I am taking my Sebastian in on Tuesday to be neutered also.
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Good thoughts to the furballs having surgery on Tuesday...may angels watch over you
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The very first day we took Lazlo to the Vet (the day after we rescued him and brought him inside) he did the EXACT same thing to Gary! (It's a large part of why Gary's heart melted and he fell in love with the little guy). We had NOTHING for cats at the time (except Booger's bed), so Gary carried Lazlo in his shirt (Laz loved burying himself into the crook of Gary's arm). When we left - we had to go to the Pet Store to get a litterbox, etc. Laz was fine in Gary's shirt until someone tried to peek in at him - and around back and down the sleeve he went! Gary had to take his shirt off in the Pet Store (and with Laz stuck in there, it wasn't easy)! LOL!

Little Nakita might not be happy for a bit, but she'll forgive you!

Our thoughts are with you, and I'm with Christy - may angels watch over you and Nakita on Tuesday.

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Sending Nakita a BIG CAT KISS....Really, she'll be fine - however I can relate to how you are feeling. I am a nervous Nellie with my boys, too… We do not like trips to the Vet —I have to sedate my little Spot. I think I end up more traumatized in the end...LOL!

Heck - my 4 boys Rule me...Example; They know mommy won't vacuum because it might upset them....hence, we got rid of the carpet and replaced the floors with tile & wood—It's no wonder they didn't take part in picking out colors—

They just kick back, lounging about the house —it's as if they were saying to each other—"God she loves us.....wonder what else we can get her to do?"

I'll say a little prayer for Nakita....and one for mommy, too!

I will be curious to know how things went.

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My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Nakita on Tuesday!! **hugs**
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