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Jobs, what's the length of time you've stayed at them?

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Just wondering.........I have had a job for two weeks that I'm quitting for various reasons......what's the shortest and/or longest amount of time you've ever stayed at your jobs?

My only other jobs were 11 years, 2 years, and 7 years.........
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The longest I stayed at a job was 18 years. I only left because I was going to be laid off. The shortest was two weeks. The other regular job I stayed at was 8 years. I had a couple of summer jobs years ago that I don't consider "regular jobs". If you a know a job isn't a good fit than if the option is available to you I think the best thing is to cut your losses early, quit, and find another job. I have been at the job I have now a little over two years.
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I've only had one and i'm still here after 32 years as a receptionist
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Well let's see............
my job as a Mom, I've been at for almost 17 years.
As wife for almost 10 years.
outside the house job.........................haven't had one.
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I'd say the longest I've ever stayed at a job is my current one.. 3 years as of June 9th.

The shortest I've ever stayed at a job was less than an hour. Years ago I took a waitressing job and as soon as I found out they pooled tips I was out of there.

Back in the day I suppose it was different being that people had pension plans and such. Now I don't see any reason to stay at a job that isn't offering you what you are looking for. I also know there is no such thing as job security anymore. So basically, if someone is going to make me a better offer - whether I've been at a job minutes or years - I'm moving on.
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I am only 25..and I have had a few jobs

16-18 - McDonalds

18-20 - Pharma Plus Drugmart/Westin Hotel (in college..there was also another job in there..breakfast server)

20-22 - Radisson Hotel

22- Present - State Farm Insurance..

I guess my track record is usually a 2 year stint
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Anywhere between a day and 5 years.

My first job was working in a Samsonite luggage store, I worked there for about two months but my parents moved and it would take me an hour each way which on a school night didn't make sense.

Then I worked a summer washing hair

Then I got a job as an intern at Parliament and worked there part time through school after my internship and left when I moved here. I loved it there and was offered several full time positions had I stayed in England and would have taken one of them.

Then I moved here and have been at my current job for over 3 years
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The longest for me has been 3 years.

The shortest was a month...and people were surprised that I lasted that long in the job.

Actually most of my friends are surprised I'm still where I'm at. I am too.
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34 years in April and still counting - same employer, but not same job!
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2 months is the shortest and like 4 years is the longest
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Shortest: 1 day

Longest: 8 years
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My last job was 10 years, my first job was 2 days.
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Shortest: 3 days

Longest: 3 1/2 years

I've been at my current job for a year and a half.
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Shortest, 1 weekend. It was the summer after highschool, and I was hired as a hostest as Denny's. I worked 6:00pm to 2:00am. Not a fun shift. I was supposed to be part time, then when the next schedule came out, I was scheduled for 40 hours and they wanted to train for as a waitress on the same shift. I quit right then and there. I explained, I wanted part time, and didn NOT want to be a waitress! Funny thing is, my first long term job after that (a few years later) was as a waitress. And, I loved it! Hated the company but liked the job and the people I worked with. I've been working at my current job for a little over 2 years, and hopefully it will end soon.
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shortest 1/2 day (My back couldn't take it)
Longest 3 years
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My shortest job was 2 hours. The company was misleading, and the job turned out to be something very different than what I thought I had signed up for.

My longest time at a company is where I'm at now. I've been here for 14 years. I can't believe it myself. I haven't been in the same job the whole time, though. I've moved up to a different position every so often. My longest time in one position was my first one here, which was almost 5 years.
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Shortest was 2-3 days I think. I didn't want to be working at all so I didn't. LOL My average was probably 6 months when I was a teen working at various food extablishments and offices. I've been at my current job for almost 8 years (in another 2 I'll be vested shortly after my 30th b-day if I keep my hours up). I NEVER thought I'd be here this long but what can I say... it's a cushy job that I won't leave unless I have to. I might too so that I can go to school full time but that's up in the air right now pending a big deal my dad is working on.
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I've had a number of short jobs - if I'm not happy there I don't see the point of staying.

Since I've been in the US I've had a job for 3 months and I've just decided not to renew the contract of this job which is a 6 month contract. I definitely don't like having such short stints now.

My last job in Australia I was at for 3 years and loved it - I only quit because I moved to the US, and it's hard to quit a job you love - nothing else stacks up.
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For me, the shortest was 3 months, and the longest was 3 years. But I didn't start my real "work" career until after I got off welfare and graduated from college, so technically I've only been in the workforce for about 12 years.

Most jobs just weren't right and I found a way to get out and find something better after about 2 years.
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Longest... my high school/college job at a car dealership- started when I was 15- quit when I was 20, because I graduated from college & moved.

Then there was my first 'big' job at the other dealership at the body shop, I was there for 2 years, until they closed.

Then at my last job for 2 months- thats definately my shortest!

I've been at my current job for a full 2 weeks now!
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I quit one job after about a month of working there -- the other employees were irresponsible twits, the work environment was unhealthy, and I was just plain miserable there.

The longest I've ever worked anywhere was two years. I have lousy luck at landing long-terms jobs -- the business closes or is bought out by a larger corporation that doesn't need me, the job is only short-term contract, they change their mind about the skill requirements, etc. *le sigh*
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My shortest was 1 day.
My longest was 7 years to the date
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shortest: 8 months

longest: 3.5 years (current employer)
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Let me see...I have been working since I was 16. The shortest job was probably 6 months (my first) at Der Weinerschnitzel. Other jobs were right around 2 years. My last job was 7 1/2 years, my present job is going on 8 years YIKES.
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Aside from assorted casual jobs that weren't intended to be long-term, I have had three employers (10 years, 6 years, 27 years). Only the middle one did not involve changing positions/responsibilities.
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I have been at my currant job for 15 years, prior to that I was at a job for 5 years, which I left due to a change in ownership. Before that I was at several different jobs but only for a couple of months each because I was still in school.
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I'm sorry your having problems with your job Susie, I've had a lot of problems with jobs in the past, when I was younger though. I quit many jobs after only a few days! I've been at my present job now though for almost 13 years, I hate to start over because I know what a difficult time I have with starting over and how picky I am. I have been getting somewhat tired of my current position though lately. I hope you find something that works out for you soon!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Just wondering.........I have had a job for two weeks that I'm quitting for various reasons......what's the shortest and/or longest amount of time you've ever stayed at your jobs?

My only other jobs were 11 years, 2 years, and 7 years.........
I always enjoy AND get angry answering this question. I worked for a company for ten years and they gave me a Rolex President. I was wondering what I was going to get for my 20th anniversary and I found out: A pink slip.
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Shortest: Two weeks as a cashier at a local steakhouse.

Longest: Seven years at my current job at the newspaper.
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shortest job- about 5 weeks. i HATED it. it was a floral design job (i'm a lisenced florist/wedding planner) but this place was horrid!!!! At one point one of my evil coworkers locked me in a cooler when i was getting some flowers and didn't see her. (and of course it was an old one and didn't have the safety thing inside so i could open in) the list went on- the place was really old and dusty i hated it (i'm a neat freak). Actually a few months back it burnt down one night- i seriously saw that comming

longest i've stayed at a job was for 4 years.
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