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please help!!!!

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short version....

adopted 1 yo female lindy about 2 months ago after 3 yo female abbey was left alone following the death of her brother. kitties did not get along but there was no real agression...the occasional hiss/swat but mostly they ignored each other.

two nights ago, abbey got spooked by something she saw thru the window out on the deck and started screaming. since then, she has been quite ugly, hissing, spitting, growling, screaming at lindy. i had to keep them separated last night (lindy sleeps with me) because abbey was out of control last night. as long as lindy is not in her sight, abbey is fine. the minute she shows up, she becomes "wild."

i am panicking that lindy will have to be sent away so abbey will calm down again. please help me solve this problem with your wisdom.

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There are a number of suggestions in the sticky above on proper introductions. You will have to start again as if lindy arrived today. And by the way, it does not help to give the newcomer more attention than the resident cat, so having lindy sleep with you will make abbey more resentful.
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Sometimes "outside" can trigger agression inside - depending on what/who it was outside.

Try putting some cornstarch baby powder on both cats and rubbing it in. Also try a dab of vanilla extract on the nose of each - it will deaden the smell. Then let them have limited face-to-face contact. Try 10-15 mins; separate them, then wait an hour and do it again.

They should calm down in a few days. I do agree on showing "favortism" - always let the resident (first cat) know they are #1 in your book
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thanks folks....i did do some reading in the sticky area and talked to some "kitty whisperers" today and got some good support. i bought some cat ease spray and will try to keep the cats separate for a while. abbey has never been interested in sleeping anywhere but in her basket or hubby's chair while lindy chose my room. anyhow i can say that abbey knows she is still #1 in her territory and lindy is just wondering why abbey doesn't want to play!

one day at a time, i'll take it and i'm sure they'll work it out just the way they're supposed to.

thanks again.

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