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Tiger and Jorin's Outdoor Adventure... (lots'o'pics)

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We took the furkids outside for a walk yesterday... it was such a beautiful day!

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Great pictures! Where did you buy the leashes? I would like to take Peedoodle out for walks, but I dont know where I can find a leash.
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we got the harnesses and leashes at Petsmart. The leashes originally matched the harnesses, but they grew out of the harnesses already! so we picked up some figure 8 style, which I like much better and they're more adjustable.
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Beautiful cats! Looks like they had a great time outside!
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Great pics!!! Looks like you all enjoyed it!! It does make me smile though to see a cat on a lead... hee hee, we don't get that over here, we do HAVE the leads/harnesses I think, but no-one seems to use them!! They look so cute
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Great pics, looks like they enjoyed their time out
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Great pictures I just love ginger cats.

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Bod - I've got leads/harnesses for mine, but they either wriggle like mad and get out of them or they just sit down and refuse to move.

Actually, when I let them all out in my small back garden without leases, they just mooch around and dont really stray. IF they go out of the gate I walk out to them and they just come scurrying back in.

Ah, what it is to have well-trained kitties (I wish . . .)

Those kitties looks so sweet romping in the autumn leaves with this bright harnesses on!
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:laughing: Yola, so thats why we never see them outside... darn tempermental British kitties!!! :laughing:
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Mooch, lol I love that word

We thought about getting a lead for Fur Majesty, but we decided against it as it's such a fight putting a normal cat collar on:tounge2:
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