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HELP ... can someone help??

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its no big deal?

my kitty bella is 9yrs old, healthy and acting normally except for some occasional twitching that she seems to be doing once in a while in her front paws .. sometimes back. Its like a muscle spasm more than anything, a 1-2 second quick spasm that she ignores but of course her mom is losing sleep over.
bella has IBD but is very nicely controlled with pred. she takes a low dose and hasnt had a relapse since being on the meds. she is very early stage renal issues, but nothing hardly even showing on her bloodwork. we control it with a natural support pill for her kidneys.
all that to say, with the muscle spasms.. they are only in her paws and only when she is walking or laying on her side .. and awake. they dont happen often -- like a few times per day at the most -- what i saw today was only one. but they have been happening where i am noticing. Also i thought it was maybe catnip -- i gave her a bunch on saturday and the muscle twitching increased on sunday. i took away all catnip sunday night and they twitches are certainly less if not almost gone. but still..
i am worried.
I called my vet today and we talked.. bella had bloodwork 3wks ago that was fine and vet said that there is most likely nothing to worry about, that it could be anything, and if its serious she would be having personality changes and more severe twitches/seizure like episodes. also that the only option is an MRI to see if there is something going on in her brain, but its costly and she believed there was no need for such tests. but honestly she couldnt tell me what could be doing it-- could be the catnip, or allergies, or maybe not enough circulation to her paws, or smaller chance something serious.

but i am worried.. i have been watching her like a hawk all night and am stressing myself out with every little thing she is doing looking for anything wrong. a part of me knows she is probably fine and is looking/acting fine, but i was on the boards today and it just seems like this is a big deal.. and eventually develops into something terrible. and i am already worried..
maybe i should take her in to the vet to make sure????
i guess i am just scared and was hoping someone could tell me that this sort of thing is not a big deal and kittys can just twitch once in a while and its fine.. ??????
help!!! worried momma... and its too late at night to do anything but worry ..
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I would call your vet first thing in the morning. At her age, while she is by no means "old", she is old enough for me to worry....twitching is not normal, as much as you wanted someone to tell you it is.

Please keep us updated.
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Sending healthy vibes ({({({({({jettafer99 & kitty})})})})}) in hopes that all is really well.

Really, no one online could possibly tell you if it is or is not something to cause concern, but if you are feeling anxious that she should be checked over or you want a second opinion from another vet, then by all means it is better to err on the side of caution.

I hope it turns out to be no big deal, but keep us posted on how things are going.
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thanks.. i am trying not to be anxious, but its hard especially when there is nothing to do until tomorrow. i will call my other vet (i have 2) tomorrow and see what he says. bella has been scratching her ears more lately too which has me worried..
sigh.. thanks.
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Scratching her ears could be ear mites, an ear infection, a million things. But, I would be sure to mention it to the vet!
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Yup I agree..........Take her to the vet make yourself feel better, it's hard not to worry I know.

My cat is 15 yrs. old...now she twitches, but we are pretty sure it is residual effects from the siezures she was having, that was before we knew she had hyerthyroidisim..which is now controled...but like i said she has little twitches now...nothing major.

Good Luck.
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