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cat sneezing after vet visit

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a little over a week ago, i took my 4 year old cat to the vet for her yearly shots/checkup. the vet gave her a clean bill of health and sent us on our way. a few days later my cat started sneezing and has been ever since. she seems fine other than the sneezing.

i took her to a different vet (since my old vet is 500 miles away now) and they put the bordetella in her nose... which my old vet never did... could that be why she's sneezing?

and i don't know if 'sneezing' is the correct term... she sounds more like something is stuck up her nose and she's trying to blow it out... she did this once when she was a kitten...
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Its not unusual for them to pick up a respiratory illness from other animals, call your vet back. I dislike that.
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When I got Ashley from the SPCA she came home with the sneezes, had them for over a week then got watery eyes turned out she had an upper respiratory infection and needed antibiotics. I would keep a close eye on her.
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It is not uncommon for cats to pick up an illness at the verts unfortunately (the same as us visiting the doctors). Especially if the vet does not disinfect between the appointments or they have a busy waiting room where people are waiting with all sorts of ill cats.

One of the main reasons I chose my vet is that her practise is so small (yet fully equipped) She has two rooms to wait in so the cats are only exposed to each other for seconds as you enter if you happen to be entering or leaving at the same time and they are fully disinfected between visits.

I would call the vet as she made need antibiotics
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