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Automatic litter box and "front of the box" pee-er...

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Not to beat a dead horse, so to speak , but does anyone have an automatic litter box and a cat who pees mostly directly in the front of the box- everytime, doesn't cover , and/or one who pees on the sides, and has had success with an automatic litterbox? I've got to keep this thing clean so Bird (and her new found pickiness about the litterbox) will quit peeing on the rugs (been through the gamut with the vet- it's just her *sigh*), and I need something that can handle 4 cats who will probably all decide to use it... Am I looking for the elusive "unicorn" litterbox? They probably don't make one for me, do they?

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You might try looking on petsmart or petco, as well as other places online.
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Thanks! I haven't checked Petco...I am seriously considering a reconditioned (from the manufacturer) Litter Robot right now...
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If you are considering the Litter Robot, you should check out the Cat Genie. I have had one for 5 months and I love it. You will never have to scoop poopies again. The pee drains down to a basin and gets washed out in the drain. It uses washable plastic granules so you no longer have to lug the heavy bags of litter. The only uncertain thing is if your cats will take to it. The granules are kind of weird and some cats will not use it. It took me about 5 days to lure my two kitties to use it and eventually I just removed the old box because it became so disgusting and I was lucky they just started using the CatGenie.

It has been working great but just last week one of my cats just got sick so I had to put a manual litterbox in my bathroom for her and now the two cats are using the old fashion litterbox more than the CatGenie.
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I think I saw that! Is that the one that is shaped like a people potty ? Someone posted that on my Cystic Fibrosis forum a while back (as an alternative to breathing the dust from scooping the litterbox).

How do you hook it up to the water source? And do you have to have a seperate drain connection too? Also, I have one who tends to "overshoot" (she got the weather radio last week when she "shot" over the side ). The sides looked kinda short...or is the whole thing bigger than it looks? Thanks- lots of questions, I know- but I've never met someone who actually has one! Hope your kitty is feeling better soon!
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Yep, the CatGenie looks like a real toilet. If you google catgenie, you will find the main website and there should be dimensions listed and also a video of how it works. The whole thing is pretty big with the base and everything. The sides are not too short but depending on how much litter/granules arein it, kitties may be able to shoot over the edge. I think they are working on making a hood for it but I don't know when that's going to be available.

The way it works is you have to install it in a room where there is a water source and drain. You split the cold water source from a toilet or sink and then there is a waste tube that you hook on to the toilet lip. So the waste gets ground up and drains into the toilet and you just have to flush it every day. I made a minor plumbing modification where I put the drain tube to flow directly into the drain pipe under the sink in my powder bathroom so I never even look at the yuckies anymore...I got the idea from a thread on another forum so I'll look for that and PM you the link.

Good luck with this. If your cats are easy to convert, you will love the CatGenie because you truly never have to deal with litter and scooping. They have a satisfaction guarantee so you can buy it and try it out.

Thanks for the well wishes to my kitty. We went to the vet today for a check up and she's doing a little better.
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Thanks for your help! I did go ahead and order the litter robot, though. I actually got my husband to look with me and compare the two, and where the water and the electricity are located in our bathroom, and adding in a toddler , we decided to just go with the litter robot. I also (and this was the biggest one) looked at it on the website, and the measurements, and I am pretty sure that Butterbean would be shooting over the edge all the time *sigh*. And since she is 10 yrs old, I don't see her aim getting any better-lol.

If I ever have a real laundry room (not a closet like I have now ), I still want to get a Cat Genie! Maybe by then, they will have a hood for them! Again, thanks so much! I still think it is the most amazing litter box ever!
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