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Maui's babies are 3 weeks on Thursday!

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If anyone noticed there is magically one more kitten there now. I recently took him in from a poor woman at the vet who was crying that he was sick and didn't have money to pay for him. She found him in the woods in her backyard and was freak ing out that he was dying and sick and had worms and his bottom was irritated. I tooked in the box to see he happy looking clear wide eyed fat healthy kitten. I informed her the kitten was fine, worms are not a life or death matter and the bottom was raw because she was rubbing it for him to pee.

I took him and put him in with Maui's babies and she took him right in no problem. He is a cutie.

So the babies are all male except one gray one. The female is Georgia, the white male is Truman, the rest need names!! Any ideas?
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Here's Miss Mausers herself

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What little cuties they are.
Mom is adorable too.
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Are you sure you don't have a sign that says "sucker" on your forehead? You ROCK for taking in that extra baby!

No ideas on names, but the grey tabby ones are so darn cute.
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aww there really comming along now , and mum is looking very healthy. sorry about the names im still looking for one for our ones. and your a star for taking in the new addition , maui's a real sweetie as well for letting her in.
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Oh what beautiful babies you have! Be still my heart! Is the Momma cat yours, or are you fostering?
As for names, go to They oodles of cat and kitten names - listed by popularity, sex, color!
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How good of you to take the little one, and her to accept him as her own. Cats are such amazing creatures.
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It depends , what kind of names do you like giving? Some people don't give their cats people names...some do... We just renamed our little black kitten tattletale. i picked him/her up today ane he/she cried for mom right away... so much for keeping her distracted while i checked the on the kitties. My daughter (who's 5) suggested Oreo. reeses pieces, klondike, Conrad, Cat In the Hat, Sally. Or why not give them Hawaaiin names since mom's name is Maui... Aloha, Mahalo, Anela (means Angel)... check out the website
I've always been partial to Hawaiian names hehe

cute cute babies
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Such pretty babies
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Ohhh Hawaiian names for sure!! i didn't even think of that! I may have to rename Truman and Georgia too!!

The mother was brought into the pound to be put to sleep because she was pregnant and my class was there (I was absent that day) and they grabbed her and called me to come and get her.
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Did you come up with names for Maui's babies yet? lol I know this is kind of old, but I've been waiting lol
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They are oh so cute and you really are a sweetie for helping so many kittens and cats.
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They are adorable!
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Too precious!
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Thanks guys!!

Andrea727-I kind of named them but I change it. The all gray one is already put on hold and her adopters named her Layla. First I had picked out Hawaiian names, then I named them Juliet, Kate, Sawyer, Locke and Hurley, then I named the white one Truman and the tabby and white one Retard cuz he always looks funny... I should post some updated pictures!
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lol that's really funny - Retard lol and I felt bad because my husband named our Persian mix cat Mushy and I had to come up with some excuse to call her that - hence Mishugana.

cute names
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