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I would like to introduce Maddie

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We have been looking all over for a Basset that needed a home.One that would otherwise be PTS,and just needed some love and attention.Well, tonight when the kids got home from School--Amber came in all excited.She said "mom, what if I told you I know where there is a 1 year old female Basset that needs a new home or she will go to the pound".
Apparently, Ambers friend was given this dog and her parents said she couldn't have it because they have 4 others.So, I talked to Shawn and called Seth's Ped again and asked about it.I have to be 100% sure that it will NOT aggrivate him and his lungs(anything with strong ammonia smell we can't have in the house at ALL) before I would even consider it.She gave us the all clear!!!
So, I am proud to introduce Maddie.We have no idea what her *real* name is.But, that name just seems to suit her.I have her outside right now in the garage away from Bandit until I can bath her, cause she smells like the outside.She needs to put on some weight.
She already feels comfortable with us and the kids,because she will roll over to have you rub her belly And she is a fiesty thing

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Awwww What a cutie!

Congratulations on your new addition!
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She looks pretty thin. At least she's "home" now!! Congrats! I bet the kids are tickled pink.
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Awww look at that adorable freckled tummy! Congrats
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Precious little monkey
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
She looks pretty thin. At least she's "home" now!! Congrats! I bet the kids are tickled pink.
I would say that she is ATLEAST 15 pounds under weight. You can see her ribs when she lays on her back.You can feel them when you pet her down her back.It's so sad.
Apparently, this girl was given-- who we now call Maddie---because they told her that they couldn't afford to feed her. She needs to put on some weight,but I'm sure that in no time,I will have her up to what she needs to weigh with LOTS of love and good food.
The kids are more than thrilled to have her. We have been looking for a pup.But, when this opportunity came, I couldn't pass her up.One look at her and I was in .She came right to me and Amber.She licked my face and jumped as if to say HI. The man said "she likes you,she still hasn't warmed up to me".And she is obviously used to car rides......cause she jumped in the back and looked out to see where she would now call home.
I swear, she can jump about a foot off the ground.She gets so excited just to be shown some attention.
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Shes adorable!! I'm glad you took her, she will be a great part of your family.
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congrads! what are darling!
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Hi Maddie

She is so sweet looking. I always thought Bassets look so loving.

Congrats to you for taking her in and giving her a great home.
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Awww...what a sweet baby! She does look a bit thin...she'll win you over with food bribery soon enough, I'm sure, and gain those extra pounds.

I just got little Rita last night...she's tiny, and has very similiar markings to your Maddie! Maybe Miss Rita will look a bit like her as she grows up! We'll have to share our basset stories...we'll both have MANY, I'm sure. Does your girl like your cats? Rita has already in her few hours here discovered the joys of cat-chasing. The cats aren't quite sure what to make of this whole thing at this point. Right now, my step-son, Adam, is laying on the kitchen floor, and Rita's sleeping on his belly. SPOILED??? I think so.

Congrats to you and your family on this lovely young lady! She's very pretty. You should head on over to, so you can share your experiences with other basset lovers! It's a great site, and some of the posts are hilarious!
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She's a beauty, Sis. And you got your puter working again!
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