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Cat throws up..

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We've had our cat for almost a year now. We found her as a stray. As long as we've had her she always always and I mean everyday throws up. It's always within 15 minutes after she eats too. I've inspected the barf and it's always partially digested food with large amounts of hair. I'm not sure what to do. Should I switch her to that hairball control food? Would that even help in anyway? Is there any other suggestions? The poor cat can't keep anything down.
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What are u feeding??? brand and type wet dry or both

How old is the cat?

Does the cat eat from an elevated dish or a flat plate??
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Have you talked to a vet? I found some foods my cats would barf up, I kept switching until finding some they could like and digest. After making sure they were healthy and eliminated any possible issues there.
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sounds like an allergy maybe. what do you feed? It is obviously food related.
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My cat used to do this all the time. It took me awhile (and several trips to the vet) to figure out that she cannot eat any canned food that contains fish. She also cannot tolerate any of the Nutro dry products.

In addition, she scarfs her food down, so I've learned to limit her initial food intake after a period of not eating because she's been sleeping or I'm out. I put down about 10 morsels and let her eat those, then wait about 20 minutes before feeding her more. When I put down her food, I put down a little bit more than I did the last time, not the entire serving. That way, she's not wolfing down her food then upchucking it because she ate too quickly.
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I've inspected the barf and it's always partially digested food with large amounts of hair.
Sounds like hair balls. Does she have long fur? She might just need to be brushed often so she's not swallowing so much hair. Have you tried giving her hair remedy (comes in a tube)?
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She is a one and a half year old with short hair. We feed her and the other cat Meow Mix. (I'm sure it's really not as great as it says it is) She does not have an elevated food dish. I guess I've never really observed but she does probably eat too fast also. I've tried even giving her a little bit at a time. The same thing happened. I don't know if we could afford to feed wet food all the time. I still want to try other foods though.
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do you have a petco petland pet supply or petsmart ???

try finding foods without chn or meat by products.. grd corn or artificial flavors and colors

$ under ten for a 6lb bag ( 2 cats for one month)

Max cat


Chicken soup

$$ 8-14 for 4-8 lb bags

Natural choice

Sensible choice

Solid gold

Natural balence

Califonia natural

$$$ 12-25 for a 4-8 lb

Royal canin


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