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color question?

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As I have not been able to find a good color break down
could someone please tell me what I will get out of
cream and white male with a dilute calico
cream and white male with solid black female
Thank you for any responses.
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I do know that the white spotting factor (may appear as a mostly white cat to just a few white patches) is dominant. It also depends on what other genes your cats may be carrying. You could get an array of colors even maybe a tabby with no white. Your black female could carry the tabby genes which is also dominant which could result in kittens being tabby and white. You may also get a calico. Are these cats purbred or mixed breed?

This is just some info I picked up from my own experiences as a breeder. I can not say for sure what you will get from this type of cross. I do hope this helps some.

I hope you will let us know when the kittens are born.

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The cats I breed are pure persian. I just received some new ones this week and the breeder told me what to expect but I didnt write it down so I was just curious. I am hoping for blue cream from the black mating with the cream and white is this possiable? I will keep everyone updated on kitten colors. With the calicos I have been surprised in the past.
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The fact that you are breeding Persians makes a lot of difference as to what colors you get. It is highly possible that you could get a blue cream (which is a dilute tortishell) from the black mating to the cream and white. You could also get a blue cream and white from this mating. Is your black female true to black, are both her parents black? If she is then she will produce a dominant black gene. Meaning the only color she will contribute to the kittens is black any other color you get in the litter will come from the male. It is also possible for you to get a solid blue being that blue is the dilute form of black.

When is the litter due? I'm excited to see what colors you get. Good luck.

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Both of my black girls paerents are not black. However I dont remeber
what the colors where at this moment. I am going to call the breeder tomorrow she should be home from her vacation.
I was also wondering what you meant by (if I am correct in what I thought I read.) a blue cream and white. Isnt that dilute calico if thee is white present?
What I am really looking for is a break down od possiable colors and
sexa in what colors to expect. I have seen these where it is listed
for example one white and blue male with white and blue female you can expect these clors in girls and you can expect these colors in boys. I just cant remember where i saw it. MAybe persian-cat.com.
and it will be awhile before I have kittens betweenany of these. My black girl and one of mu dilutes and my male are all going to be going to shown this new year and will not breed until after that. at least thats the plan.
Denise Russell
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Thank-you so much that is exactly what I was looking for in fact one of the sites I had seen before but lost the link.
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Glad they were possible options. If it dosnt work out.Let me know. We can see if there are other options out there.

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