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Adult Cat nurses on EVERYTHING

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My adult cat still nurses on Everything! It drives me crazy. She constantly sucks everything from my clothing and bed covers to my daughters stuffed animals. When she was a baby her mother would not nurse her and we fed her so I think that may be why she does it. I would like to find a way to stop it. She gets everything all wet and she does it all day moving from one object to the next. Anyone else had to deal with this or know how to stop it?
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I dont think you can stop them from doing it to everything, but some of the things you might want to try spraying with bitter apple or chew guard. They taste just awful and they dont want to suck on it.
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If she's really obssesive maybe you should consult a vet or a behaviorist. This could indicate stress of even a physical problem. In that case it would be better to address the cause rather than the symptom.

Otherwise, Sandie said it - she will probably keep doing it and you can only protect some of your stuff with an anti-chew spray.
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As Anne mentioned... maybe there's a physical condition related to this behavior?

Although, this is something I've never heard of! It sounds cute in one way - but I can imagine it would be rather bothersome when you discover so many wet things. Is there one thing in particular that she's fond of? Maybe if it turns out to not be a physical condition, you could get her attached to ONE item? Spray the rest of the items with bitter apple? This sounds weird... but have you thought of maybe getting her a kitten nursing bottle or a baby pacifier? I know! I know! It sounds weird, but maybe it would be something she would get used to carrying around with her and she could attach herself to that, instead of your clothing and such? Just a thought.

I'm sorry... this story is just cracking me up. Geesh, and I thought my pets were weird!
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Thanks for your replys. I asked my vet and she says it's nothing more than a bad habit. Last week we got a new cat and she is so obsessed with terrorizing him now that I haven't noticed her nursing. Hopefully by the time they become friends she will have forgotten her bad habit! He is a 1 1/2 yr old Persian. Neutered and twice her size but she feels the need to show him who's boss!!
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