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Please could Sonic have some 'safe neuter' vibes? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
The vet who did the surgery (as well as Radars) was lovely- an absolute star and we could tell he loved cats

Sonic is eating everything in sight so I guess he is fine (Epona only gave him a small dinner as adviced)

Never taking that cat on the bus again- everyone was staring as he wailed loudly, Epona reckons they were pointing and laughing but I just stared out of the window and pretended I had nothing to do with him
Glad Sonic is well. Poor fella, his daddy disowned him for the bus ride.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Thats how Bakker was when I brought him home from his neuter-ran out of the carrier attacked Grizzly then devoured food!!
Tip on the carrier-tip it up so you drop the cats in-its works (sometimes!!).
Thankfully I had read that tip on TCS before, because trying to get him into it through the front-opening door was like pushing jelly through a keyhole - it still wasn't that easy upended, because Sonic is a very long cat and his back feet touched the bottom long before the rest of him was in, it took a co-ordinated paw-unhooking-and-gentle-pushing-downwards to get the whole of him in. I actually realised after I posted earlier that I underestimated his age slightly as I didn't realise that we were very nearly at the end of the month now which makes him 7 months old, I feel I've been a bit slack getting this whole thing organised having realised that :o Found out today that he weighs nearly as much as Radar who is over a year old now!

Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
That is excellent! I'm glad the surgery went well! (Sounds like your vet really loves the animals they work with- that is always good)
It tends to be the practice manager who does the surgery, he's a very pleasant older Irish man who is great with the animals and with their humans. He gave Sonic a cuddle and kissed him on the head before putting him back in the carrier And there's a younger woman we see sometimes who is also great.
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i am glad to hear he is home and doing well
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