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Pics of Onyx and Gibs

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Heres a pic of my big boy Onyx and little Sir Gibbons- quite a size difference
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Someones got two pretty kitties Onyx is the spitting image of Suki (and I bet Bod too, but don't tell Bodlover I said so). Aw and your kitten looks so comfy in the background. Thanx for sharing them
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what a face
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Aww what sweeties! Sir Gibbons is so tiny! AWw I want to snuggle up to them!
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So cute!
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SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! Our Magic looks just like a kitten-sized version of Onyx - and you're so right about little Sir Gibbons - what a face!!!!
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Melissa, we already knew that Onyx was gorgeous and this proved it once again. Little Gibbons is such a sweetie!! I can definitely see how he wiggled his way into your hubby's heart.
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Melissa, Sir Gibbons is way too adorable and I'm getting soooo jealous! LOL!

It's good to see Onyx has a little friend again!!!
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Thanks guys I'm really glad I was able to keep the little fella Onyx seems SO much happier now that he has a feline buddy around again. I should have named Gibs 'Serendipity', because hes a little treasure I wasn't expecting :rainbow: What a joy he is to have around!
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Melissa - both of your cats are simply lovely and little Sir Gibs is especially cute! I am so happy you were able to keep him!
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Melissa, Both of your cats are beautiful. I remember how heartbroken you were that you could not keep the cat(s) you had before, and I'm sure your pets went through a great deal of trauma when you were forced to leave them. Have you talked with the doctor about some sort of allergy relief for hubby so that your kitten can stay with you its whole life? I wish you all the best, and hope you get much joy from the new kitten.
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Melissa, your new cats are beautiful. I too remember your heart broken (and heart breaking) posts not so long ago when you had to give away your previous cats. If I remember correctly one has even had to be put down as he was unadoptable and you couldn't keep him

I might have been too busy and not had time to follow previous posts by you. Can you please share with us how you managed to overcome hubby's allergies? I so hope these two new fellas have found a good home for life!
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Cute pics.

I too would love to know how hubby is doing w/ the allergies. I ask because I have a relative who is struggling right now w/ allergies and pets and is trying anything and everything to find relief. How did your husband find relief? Please share!! I know my cousin would love to know!!

Congrats on your new addition.
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HUbby is allergic to cats, the dr urged him to get rid of Peedoodle, but there is no way we would do that (he is a mushy cat lover like me!) and so the dr prescribed him Zyrtec and it works wonders, he takes it before he goes to sleep (it makes him drowsy) and he is good to go in the morning and he doesnt have any problems with Peedoodle. (thank goodness, I cannot imagine life without Peedoodle!)
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OMG! What a sweet pictures!! Melissa - your kittys are adorable. About Sir Gibs—THAT FACE! I want one, too!! Just like yours......


It's happening again.....First Bundylee caused me to have the "URGE" for a new kitten—NOW you, Melissa!

I want another one!!!!!! I'm jealous dammitall!


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The new kitty is adorable!!

I too hope that something has been found to help your hubbies allergies, I would hate for you to have to give up another cat.
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Well, Oynx is just gorgeous, and yes, looks just like my Bod!!
And as for little Gibbons!!! OMG!!!!! What a cutie pie!!! I wish one of mine were still that weeny, Pip was weeny for a long time, but now he's suddenly turned into a big chunk!! He still has a kitten face though...
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Thanks you guys Onyx isn't a new kitty- hes been with us for 4 years now.For some reason he doesn't seem to cause a reaction in either my son or my hubby

I've managed to keep the allergies under control by bathing and grooming the kitties fairly regularly. I use a hypoallergenic shampoo so its easy on their skin and rinse them really well. I try to groom them when hubby and my son aren't around, so theres not a lot of hair and dander flying around.

I think another thing that helped is that we moved from a tiny house to a huge one, and the dander isn't so concentrated. When hubby starts getting any symptoms, which usually only happens when both cats are around him for an extended period (they love to curl up near us when we're watching a movie or something ) he takes an over the counter medication like Advil Cold and Sinus and it clears up.

As for my son, he seems to be 'outgrowing' his problems to some extent. He was born with a larynx that was too small, and he had asthma-like symtoms for years, needed inhalers and the like. He DOES have an allergy to cats as well as a few other things, but now that his larynx has grown to the proper size (the condition rights itself by about the age of 5) it doesn't seem to bother him as much. I attribute that too to the area of this house being so much greater, so irritants are less concentrated.

Is it possible that some cats are less likely to cause problems than others? I realize that the allergen is in the cats saliva, and neither Onyx nor Gibs are big time groomers.

Oh well, whatever the reasons its going well. Gibs was supposed to be here temporarily but I'm really glad hes able to stay. I know that the other kitties are in loving homes now (with the exception of poor Loco of course ) since I've kept in contact with their new owners. I miss them all terribly, but I'm thankful that I can at least visit them and that I can give Gibs the loving home he deserves.
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Melissa - I have severe allergies to cats, and we live with three of them in a very small space. I've tried all the OTC and prescription stuff. What works the best (for me) is Zyrtec-D. I take it twice a day. For some reason, it doesn't make me drowsy at all. Maybe because the prescription that includes the decongestant is different? (My allergies are actually so bad that I have a prescription steroid cream for when I break out in hives, or when I accidentally get scratched).

FYI, Claritan did receive approval for an over-the-counter product. It works well - although more for the seasonal allergies I have as opposed to the pet allergies.

Just thought I'd pass the info along....
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Onyx is very handsome! He looks like my Max.
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Cutie poohs!

Very cute, thanks for sharing!
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Onyx and Gibs are so cute!
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