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your gifts

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do you ever look through the gifts you have received and re-read people's messages? What did it make you feel like?

I just did it, and it was so nice to know that there are so many friendly people here and they took a moment to say hi.....
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I feel the same way, I look back at them and go "awww wasn't that nice" It's nice to have the warm fuzzies every once in a while
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A lot of mine are from when Davidson passed, and it just goes to show how many loving and caring people there are on this site. Even people who I've never had a 'conversation' with via PM, or anything else
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Yes, I love to look through..its amazing how nice some members are
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Alot of mine are from wonderful members who have sent me something as a "hi and I am sending vibes your way for the kids".
When I see them, I get all choked up and it brings a smile to my face.
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Yes, I really like those little gifts... I think it's very nice of people to take the time to send them to us... Thank you again for mine...
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I love reading through them it makes me feel loved.

I can only hope the people I've given them to feel the same way!
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I did that just the other day, and yes, isn't it a nice warm fuzzy feeling? I enjoy reading the notes left on other people's gifts, too -- sometimes they paint a lovely picture of who that person is.
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I feel appreciated or loved
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