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Please Help: New Kitten

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I just adopted a new tabby. I'm not sure how old he is but he's pretty small and about 2-3 lbs.

I've only had him for three days and each day he's had diarrhea. Last night he woke me up and I noticed a tiny bit of blood in the stool. Today I noticed a tiny bit again.

He's still energetic and playful, but I'm still terrified for him. I have generalized anxiety disorder and depression, but I mean I just want him to be okay. I love him to pieces.

I'm also having trouble getting him to eat dry food.

I just keep getting so worried that something will happen, but everyone in my family seems to think he'll be fine.

I'm giving a stool sample to the vet tomorrow for examination, but I was told he was tested negative for worms and was being dewormed before I adopted him. I don't know how long ago he was tested though..

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Welcome to TCS.

You are doing the best thing you can for him by having the stool sample done and bringing him to the vet. Make sure you tell the vet all of your concerns.

Are you only feeding him dry food or are you alos feeding wet?
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Well right now there is just purina one kitten dry food. I've been concerned that the wet food could be aiding in the diarrhea problem
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you are doing a great job. thank goodness you are taking a stool sample in to your vet. that is the best thing! (and bringing him into the vet) he's got a GREAT parent! Good luck and welcome!
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Did you adopt him from a shelter? Many cats do get diarrhea when switched from the shelter food to a different food in their new home.
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is he drinking water?
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actually I adopted him from my friend's work. She works at a local park and a ferral mother gave birth to him. he had recently gone off being bottle fed and was eating friskies can food.
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yeah, he seems to be drinking normally
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It could be very simply the change in his diet. If he's been checked for worms, is still eating well and drinking well (especially since the vet checked the stool).. I'd keep an eye on him, but he's probably okay. If it's only a trace of blood in the stool, then it's probably because his bowels are irritated due to the runny poops. If it's a large amount, that might indicate a bigger issue... did the vet discuss any other possibilities with you?

If it's food based, and he's eating dry food, he'll probably firm up and be right.. well, with mine it takes about a week. But, having said that, my male cat who wouldn't eat dry never did have solid stools until recently (that was two years of icky poo).

In any case, welcome aboard, and you're definitely doing the right thing by checking with the vet!

Feel free to PM me if you like (you can left click on my username and then just click send private message). I'm sure others will be along shortly with more advice, and possibilities.
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I hope itls just a simple little thing and your little kit firms up real soon.

Just a thought, but you aren't giving him any regular milk are you? That will run through most cats like, well... what's running through your kit right now.

Welcome to TCS! Keep up posted on how your little one is progressing.
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The milk question was a good one. Most cats are lactose intolerant and will get diarrhea with cow's milk. Goat's milk or the special cat milks they sell in the pet stores are a better choice if you feel you need to give them milk.

For the diarrhea, you can try adding a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin to his food (not the pie filling kind - just pureed plain pumpkin). That may help firm up his stools.

As for dry versus wet food, a wet food diet is much healthier for your cat. After you sort out his diarrhea and his system seems to be operating more normally, I would gradually introduce him to a quality wet food until he is eating more wet than dry. We feed wet twice a day with a small amount of dry for in-between snacks.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post

For the diarrhea, you can try adding a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin to his food (not the pie filling kind - just pureed plain pumpkin). That may help firm up his stools.
Mine won't eat it but we tried to feed it to them.. (but don't let that discourage you, mine are snobs)... we had the best luck finding pureed pumpkin without additives in organic baby food. They're a buck or two a jar, and it's usually 100% pumpkin.
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Well Spiffy visited the vet today and he tested negatives for worms but they're deworming him again to make sure. He got some oral medication that you feed with a lil syringe type gizmo and some topical ointment because his..well..his anus was so inflamed from everything.

He's actually eating the dry food now (alot) and seems to have more control since I haven't found any "presents" from him.

Thanks everyone.
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Yeah, it's probably diet related. If the vet doesn't seem to be overly worried, then you're probably in pretty good shape. Just keep an eye on him, be aware that sometimes wormer can make them have the runs.. so don't be overly alarmed if he's firming up and then suddenly has the runs for the next couple of days.

You're doing a great job with him! Keep us posted, and feel free to PM me if you need anything.
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