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Kitty Emergency

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I'm caring for my cat and her 3 newborn kittens (about 9 days old); one of them has started moaning a lot and is hardly moving. When I first found him, he was away from the others and cold. I thought he was dead. But when I picked him up, he groaned. I then kept him in my hands, warming him up, and he began to move a little and whine a bit. I tried putting him with his mom so he can eat, but he can barely lift his head, let alone suckle on his mother.

Right now he's by her side, hardly moving, but still crying. He seems rather purple-ish. Is he dying? What could have happened to him? I'm thinking she may have sat on him. I've caught her doing that on different days. She sort of just goes to them and lies on them without noticing that she is practically suffocating them!

Anyways, I'm really worried about the kitten since it's very weak and crying quite a bit. Seems like he's in a lot of pain.

Any advice on how I can make him comfortable?
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And praying for my kitty would be nice too. I don't think it's right for kittens to have to suffer like this. It's really not fair.
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sorry i dont really have much advice to offer you , but i really do hope he pulls through. i will keep him in my preys.
by the sounds of things the mum is rejecting him , maybe put some sort of heat in the box , a sock filled with uncooked rice , and heated in a microwave for 1-2 mins is good , a hot water bottle wraped in a towl. or even a fizz bottle with hot water covered in a towl. is a good source of heat.
if he isnt eating then i would suggest that you buy some KMR or another type of kitten replacment milk and read the instructions on the back , use a sryinge with out the needle to start him off , then maybe try a kitten bottle? most big petstores will sell this. other then that a vet vist to see if there is anything they can do.
please do keep us posted on his progress.
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if he isn't suckling, you need to get a bottle and MKR and start feeding him now. make sure he is warm first, don't feed him if he is cold, you have to get him warm. I doubt she suffocated them, a lot of mothers rolly around in there and sometimes lay on the babies and they are fine.
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he needs to be warmer than your hands can make him www.kitten-rescue.com will give you some tips.
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Please give us an update on this little baby. How is he doing? Did you call the vet for help? {{{Healing vibes}}} for the little one!
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I ended up placing him on the heating pad that I had purchased when the mother gave birth to her kittens. Unfortunately, the kitten didn't make it. I was kind of relieved. He was crying so much; it looked like he was in a lot of pain.

I have no clue what happened. He was a week old and I thought was pretty much set to survive. Guess not...
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aww poor lil one RIP *ehugs*
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awww thats sad, i'm sorry for your loss rest in peace little baby...
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I'm guessing it was something wrong internally. Many times rejected kittens have a major reason to be rejected and while you try and save them, most times you lose them.

RIP little one - you are free now.
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