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Bitey Face!

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Tina LOVES playing Bitey Face!

I think those should go on Petfinder! j/k
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lol.. I would adore that kinda of pic but I am well me
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Awwwww, that looks so cute!! I love dogs!
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thats too cute! looks like fosters and whiskey when they play.
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those a precious pics!!!
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great fun - wouldn't like to get my pinkies in the middle of that though
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heeh those remind me of the two women in the bar couple of weeks ago
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Great pics! The ferrets do that as well and it always cracks me up!
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I love that game! So cute
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Oh that first photo made me laugh out loud! I just LOVE it when dogs do it love it. They are so sweet and funny and they make the best photos. Do they make that growly kind of noise when they're doing it too? Not a growl exactly, but more of a kind of `owrowrowrowrowrow' noise? Chester and Ruby do that all the time and so did my GSDs Jerry and Virgil when they were pups. It's the best! What a great pic!
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Oh yes, can't play bitey face without the "attack dog noises"!

I got an e-mail update from Tina's new family. She goes for a daily car/truck ride to grandma's house with the 3 kids. Grammy puppy/kid sits every day in the summer! Tina has been moved to sleeping indoors at night as well. The daughter was scared of her having been attacked & requiring 6 stitched from the neighbor's cat a day before they came to get Tina. Tina was so good with her. They couldn't believe just how well Tina does with the kids!!
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LOL! That's funny!
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